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Ready or Not?

​Every bride is entitled to some pre-wedding jitters. And what girl wouldn’t think twice about marriage when her fiancé gets his eyebrows shaved off just in time to look horrendous for the photographs.

But what if it’s not the ceremony that freaks you out but the happy ever after? Heidi Savage is wondering whether she can really forsake all others for macho, beer-swilling Ed. And how can a couple who’ve never even been baby-sitters be ready to start a family of their own?

Will the answer come in the form of her ex-boyfriend Steven? Grown-up, gorgeous and good-with-children. Is Heidi’s dilemma simply a case of right shoes, right dress, wrong husband?

Inspiration for Ready Or Not

As I moved into my thirties, many of my friends began to have babies. I often found myself in the position of having babies thrust into my arms and began to wonder if I would ever feel broody rather than panicked. Ready Or Not explores the ambivalence that many women feel but dare not express regarding marriage and children.

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