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Running Away From Richard

Just graduated from drama school, Lizzie Jordan is looking forward to a glittering career at the RSC.

She's also looking forward to becoming Mrs Richard Adams (Lizzie just knows that her live-in artist boyfriend is about to propose any day now). So how come, just one month later, Lizzie finds herself sharing a cockroach-infested house in Venice Beach, working as a waitress in a notorious transvestite bar, and pretending to be the fiancee of one of the hottest directors in Hollywood; a man who just happens to be gay? Why does life never seem to work out the way Lizzie Jordan planned?

Inspiration for Running Away From Richard

The starting point for this novel was being dumped a week before I had to be my best girlfriend’s chief bridesmaid. Needless to say, I became the chief bridesmaid from hell and, soon afterwards, I ran away to Los Angeles to forget…

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