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Spa Wars

​When Emily Brown's life and business is turned around by a surprise visit from Carina Lees, immaculately-groomed reality TV star, she can't believe her luck.

With just one other member of staff to help her out at her Essex salon The Beauty Spot, Emily is pushed for time as well as money, and so Carina's patronage and the subsequent financial success of the salon is more welcome than a sunbed session in December.

But even with the assistance of skilled-yet-shabby new girl Natalie, things start to go mysteriously wrong, and it soon becomes clear that someone's got it in for the salon. And with tactics dirtier than a gardener's fingernails, the battle of the beauticians commences. For under all the make-up and manicures, Carina is not who she seems, and although confronting the past can be more painful than a bikini wax, Emily eventually has to stare the truth in the face and realise it's what's inside that really counts…

Inspiration for Spa Wars

The idea for Spa Wars came to me while watching the progress of the late, great Jade Goody from reality TV star to multi-millionaire business-woman to the most hated woman in Britain after her brush with Shilpa Shetty. I wanted to write about the dark side of a celebrity lifestyle dependent on public prurience.

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