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May 01, 2015

Another year, another novel

Hello! Welcome to my spanking new website. Isn’t it lovely? Thank you, Eamonn Murphy, for pulling it all together while I got on with my latest book.

Yep. Another year, another novel. The Benson family are back again. I’ve just put the finishing touches to ‘A Proper Family Adventure’, which sees the gang on another family holiday. This time, they’re going on a cruise.

A Proper Family Adventure, which will be published in July, has been fantastic fun to write. Not least because of the research. Before I started writing this book, I’d never set foot on a cruise liner. It was November. The book had to be finished by March. I searched the web for cruises going out of Southampton. Three days pitching and tossing in the wintry English Channel was not what I had in mind. Luckily, David Sanders of Princess Cruises came to the rescue when he invited me to join the inaugural Caribbean voyage of The Regal Princess.

Chrissie on deck

Oh, it was amazing. I joined the ship in Fort Lauderdale for her christening party. Not one but fifty bottles of champagne were broken against Regal Princess’s hull by the cast of The Love Boat to send her on her way (2015 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Princess Cruises). There was plenty of champagne to drink too. And then we were off to the Bahamas. I tell you, my job is so hard…

Chrissie on board

I have to admit that before I boarded the Regal Princess, I was expecting all the usual cruising clichés up to and including salmonella. The reality was nothing like I had imagined. Sailing on the Regal Princess is a truly five-star experience. Six stars! And it can be all things to everybody. Whether you’re into clubbing and cocktails or sushi and the spa, you’ll find your place on board. A longer cruise is definitely on my to-do list for the next couple of years.

But for now, I have another book to write. My deadline is the end of June! I won’t tell you what it’s about except that it will be out in November and it will contain tinsel. Wish me luck!

Chrissie beach view
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