Hue is one of major tourist spots in the Central region of Vietnam giới because it’s a world’s cultural heritage. Foreign visitors love this place because of its peaceful & quiet environment. Girls are known for their charming ao dai & riding on bicycles.

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Above all, Hue’s food is such a sensation. If you are into Vietnamese food, you may be able to recognize the taste difference of people in the Central, the North and the South. The Southern Vietnamese people prefer food with a sweeter taste, while the Northern food is a bit plain. Hue’s food or the Central Vietnamese food is known for being very tasty, salted & spicy. A lot of foreigner can’t st& that spicy flavor and easily get sick. However, once their stomachs get used to lớn that taste, people love it.

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Hue and Da Nang are very cthua trận to each other, being separated by the Hai Van pass. Therefore, their food is also similar, & converted khổng lồ the local style và taste. This blog introduce the 3 popular cakes amuốn the locals

1. Bánh lộc bình (Bloating Fern-shaped cake): usually serves in small bowls, with the rice flour, shrimp paste, fried onion, và fish sauce. You may find other places serve the dry shrimp paste, unlượt thích the one in the picture. It depends on what style you want. The fish sauce for Bánh lục bình is quite sweet and not so salted.

2. Bánh bột thanh lọc (Rice dumpling cake): At the bottom right corner of the above pholớn is what Bánh bột thanh lọc traditionally looks lượt thích. It is covered with banana leaf. In each cake, there is a piece of shrimp và ground pork. The fish sauce goes with Bánh bột thanh lọc is different from Bánh 6 bình. It is saltier, therefore, it is served in a very small plate. How to eat it? You peel the leaf, dip the cake with a sauce, then put it in your mouth… Yummy!!!

3. Bánh nậm ( I can’t find the English translation). What you expect is the rice floor, with a bit of shrimp and pork meat being smashed so you can’t see the meat clearly. You can only ‘feel’ it when eating. The fish sauce lớn go with Bánh nậm really depends on your flavor, whether you want it to lớn be salty or sweet. Therefore, you can either eat Bánh nậm with the fish sauce for Bánh bèo or Bánh bột lọc

How about the drink? In order to get the authentic experience, I recommkết thúc you to drink with iced green tea. The taste isn’t sweet at all (If you know what I’m talking about, Asian people are crazy about bubble tea!), quite plain but really refreshing your mouth. Some places provide iced green tea for miễn phí, but sometimes you have sầu khổng lồ pay a very little for it.

Where khổng lồ Eat? The place that I eat the 3 popular cakes today is at ‘Ba Be’, 100 Hoang Van Thu Street, Da Nang, Vietnam

Price reference:

– Iced Green Tea: 1000 VND (5 cent)

– 3 trays of Bánh 6 bình (6 bowls per tray), 2 plates of bánh nậm (4 cakes per plate), 2 plates of bánh bột lọc (8 cakes per plate) = 50,000VND (2.5USD). This can feed 3 people