belonging to or typical of the middle class (= a social group between the very rich & the poor), especially in giving a lot of importance lớn money, education, và social class, or in liking & wanting expensive sầu và unusual things:

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someone who belongs lớn the middle class (= a social group between the very rich và the poor), especially someone who supports traditional customs và values, or gives a lot of importance khổng lồ money, education, & social class, or likes & wants expensive và unusual things:
a thin medical instrument that can bkết thúc, put inkhổng lồ a part of the toàn thân in order lớn open it up, examine it, or treat it :
A gum elastic bougie is invaluable when only the posterior portion of the glottis or the tip of the epiglottis is visible.
In order to open the stricture, a surgeon can insert a bougie, a weighted tube used lớn dilate the constricted areas in the esophagus.
There are words for luxury goods ("lixir, orange"), spices ("camphre, safran"), trade goods ("alcool, bougie, coton"), sciences ("alchimie, hasard"), and mathematics ("algbre, algorithme").
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to feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have sầu not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you

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