a vegetable with a green stem or stems and a mass or several masses of flower buds at the top. There are several kinds of broccoli.

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Vegetable crop yield responses to such amendments have been evaluated for many crops, including tomato, bell pepper, broccoli, sweet corn, cucumber, eggplant, okra, snap bean, squash and watermelon9.
That applies particularly to broccoli, lettuce, radishes, strawberries, cherries, plums and tomatoes.
We have a scheme for cultivating seed for broccoli, but the onus of it has been put upon the farmers.
The usual position is that the home production of winter cauliflowers and broccoli (particularly cauliflowers) is not sufficient.
This allegation is scarcely consistent with the fact that when this land was derequisitioned it was carrying a good crop of broccoli.
I know of one man whose loss on broccoli alone was more than £2,000, which is a great deal for the small farmer.
The two most urgent items are broccoli, where the acreage has dropped from over 16,000 in 1949 to 5,000 now, and tomatoes.

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