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‘Local residents enjoyed a champagne reception on arrival, a lavish buffet of hot và cold dishes all served with live sầu piano music.’‘This Búp Phê meal of cold & hot hors d" oeuvres often includes various forms of herring, meats, cheeses, & vegetables.’‘Adding khổng lồ the authentithành phố of the occasion will be a Búp Phê dinner lớn serve sầu as the wedding reception.’‘If you bring your children, let them participate in an egg hunt in the hotel garden while you enjoy your buffet.’‘The restaurant had many Afghan, Indian & local dishes in their Búp Phê range.’‘This country style sideboard gives you just the space you need space khổng lồ store extra dishes, plates và platters, plus room to layout a sumptuous Búp Phê.’‘Tickets cost 20 Euro and the buffet will be served at 9.30 sharp.’‘A buffet supper will be served and full bar facilities will be available.’‘The evening buffet features the particular dishes from the selected province, plus fare from other areas.’‘Following the concert, guests moved inlớn the dining room for a bountiful buffet of superb Norwegian specialties.’‘All students, parents and guests enjoyed a Búp Phê in the School Library to lớn finish off the evening"s celebrations.’‘It was artistic và effective, and the more than 900 guests enjoyed the bountiful buffets of superb food set up everywhere.’‘At the kết thúc of your round a buffet lunch will be served in the club"s temporary clubhouse.’‘Guests were treated to a Búp Phê style lunch to lớn sample some of the cuisine with efficient & friendly service to lớn match.’‘Guests were treated to a magnificent Búp Phê lunch, most lavishly phối up in a huge white air-conditioned tent.’‘That is always assuming that they can fit it all in after having been served up a full Búp Phê breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and home-made cakes & canapés.’‘The Prime Minister & his wife were also taken on conducted tour of the hall, and a buffet lunch was served for the guests.’‘The best meal of the day was, without doubt, breakfast, which is served as a Búp Phê, but is essentially a feast of 20 or so heaving tables offering more dishes than anyone could sample in a week.’‘We didn"t have the typical wedding with bridesmsida, 200 guests & a mile-long buffet with an ice sculpture.’
‘There"s no dining car, which adds a bit of adventure - you have sầu to judge your stops & make dashes for the station buffet.’

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‘He"s an average man - not too bright, not over-ambitious - but is delighted lớn have sầu a beautiful wife, May, who runs the station buffet.’‘The buffet on the station was icy cold, with a failed heating system.’‘It tasted as if it had sat on a railway-station buffet for weeks.’

3North American dated A cabinet with shelves và drawers for keeping dinnerware & table linens; a sideboard.

‘Aước ao them a lamp cap, frames, wax holders, tissue boxes, trays, plates, tables, chairs, buffets, & many others.’‘Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk One of a pair of mid nineteenth-century antiquarian buffets, incorporating seventeenth-century Flemish carvings.’‘This pair of buffets will be returned khổng lồ their original positions on the piers of the recently redecorated Saloon.’


Early 18th century (denoting a sideboard): from French, from Old French bufet ‘stool’, of unknown origin.