1a : an envelope often largely of silk which an insect larva forms about itself và in which it passes the pupa stage

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2a : something suggesting a cocoon especially in providing protection or in producing isolation wrapped in a cocoon of blankets an interest in the world beyond the everyday cocoon most of us construct— Peter Mayle

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Synonyms: Noun

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Since at least 1679, English speakers have sầu been using the noun "cocoon" for the silky covering that surrounds a caterpillar or other insect larva in the pupage authority stage of metamorphosis. The word came inlớn English from French, which in turn borrowed it from an Occitung term for "eggshell." Linguists believe the Occirã term was probably born of the Latin coccum, a noun that has been translated as "kermes," the dried bodies of some insects that can be found on certain trees. The verb "cocoon" has been with us since at least 1881.

Noun The child was wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. The movie star was surrounded by a protective sầu cocoon of bodyguards. Verb Americans are spending more time cocooning at trang chủ in recent years. cocooned in puffy down parkas, we braved the bitter cold as best we could

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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun For now, at least, oto dealers across the country report seeing new customers who want the safety of riding in their own cocoon. — Paul A. Eisenstein, NBC News, "For the tự động hóa industry, the pandemic changed everything," 12 Mar. 2021 The image of the butterfly unfolding from its cocoon fit the theme of welcome change, Downtown Manager Joy Press of the Downtown Manchester Special Services District said Thursday. — Jesse Leavenworth, courant.com, "Manchester seeking butterfly art lớn be displayed downtown as a visual symbol of hope," 5 Mar. 2021 Depending on the color and room where it"s used, monochromatic decor can exhibit distinctive sầu personality, create a serene atmosphere, or provide a cozy, cocoon-like feeling. — Jessica Bennett, Better Homes và Gardens, "Monochromatic Designs Are the Lachạy thử màu sắc Trend We Can"t Wait lớn Try in Our Homes," 4 Mar. 2021 There, a full-size bed & a few blankets created a cozy cocoon that had cradled us in a deep sleep until after 10 that morning — the lademo either of us had slept in a long time. — Chelsey Lewis, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "This Viking cabin is a cozy retreat in the U.P., cthua thảm to lớn Marquette and Pictured Rocks," 4 Mar. 2021 For true fashion nerds, each of these runway moments reflect several of the top trends of the fall 20đôi mươi và spring 2021 seasons, including cocoon shapes, elevated loungewear, & mix-and-match layering. — Brooke Bobb, Vogue, "5 Runway-Inspired Looks lớn Liven Up Your Couch-Bound New Year’s Eve sầu Style," 26 Dec. 2020 The women’s fancy shawl dance represents the opening of a cocoon when the butterfly emerges. — Savero Avila, ajc, "Georgia woodworker turns logs inkhổng lồ beautiful creations," 23 Jan. 2021 The esports world rolls along, isolated in the cocoon of the Internet, almost as if nothing in the world has changed. — Globe Staff, BostonGlobe.com, "Even during a pandemic, the esports world rolls on," 18 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 20trăng tròn Mensah noticeably struggled away from the cocoon of Viejas Arena as a freshman, his only full season of college basketball, and the numbers reflected that. — Mark Zeigler, San Diego Union-Tribune, "3 thoughts (and a bonus): Aztecs 80, Arizona State 68 ... Mensah, the zone, Coach K & a CBS game," 11 Dec. 20đôi mươi Recent Examples on the Web: Verb The idea of using lipid nanoparticles lớn cocoon a genetic payload for release inkhổng lồ human cells has been pursued by researchers at the University of British Columbia since the mid-1990s. — Washington Post, "Why grandparents can’t find vaccines: Scarthành phố of nibít biotech ingredients," 18 Feb. 2021 Modification of the mRNA building blocks và development of the particles that can cocoon it relatively safely have sầu helped the mRNA vaccine candidates. — Sanjay Mishra, The Conversation, "How mRNA vaccines from Pfizer và Modermãng cầu work, why they’re a breakthrough & why they need khổng lồ be kept so cold," 18 Nov. 2020 Being French, there"s a version for more intimate dining, of course: a dome that cocoons its occupants in thắm thiết isolation from the rest of the room. — Thomas Adamson And Oleg Cetinic, The Christian Science Monitor, "Bubbles & teddy bears: dining out in a pandemic," 28 May 2020 The balloons peeled baông xã, but the slime maintained its shape as if it were still cocooned by the balloon. — Ashley Stricklvà, CNN, "Astronauts experimented with Nickelodeon"s slime in space," 13 May 20trăng tròn No one should feel sympathy for Air Jordan, perpetually cocooned in the Ritz Carlton. — Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati.com, "Doc"s Morning Line: I guess we piông chồng and choose what we get self-righteous about," 11 May 20đôi mươi Under one scenario, people who have sầu already become increasingly accustomed to cocooning at trang chủ with various streaming services might slide farther along those lines, faster, going forward. — Brian Lowry, CNN, "The movie-TV line blurs further as coronavirut impacts how we watch entertainment," 18 Mar. 20trăng tròn Living in a recreational vehicle might seem like the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá way lớn ride out a pandemic—cocooned in your own aluminum box & không lấy phí khổng lồ wander. — James R. Hagerty, WSJ, "Virus Maroons Some Recreational-Vehicle Nomads," 19 Apr. 20trăng tròn No limes for seven years, for the athlete-lepers cocooned on Coronaville. — Paul Daugherty, Cincinnati.com, "Paul Daugherty: Non-stop flights now leaving for Coronaville. Are you onboard?," 7 Aquảng cáo. 20trăng tròn

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First Known Use of cocoon


1699, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


1881, in the meaning defined above

History & Etymology for cocoon


French cocon, from Occitung coucoun, from coco shell, probably ultimately from Latin coccum kermes (thought to be a gall or berry), from Greek kokkos berry, kermes