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‘For the first time since she had left the fort, she looked fully alive sầu lớn him, cognizant, aware that she existed.’‘People should be cognizant and aware of what"s going on around them.’‘‘We"re very cognisant and sensitive of the fact that we"re reaching a large audience of varying demographics và we really don"t want khổng lồ shoông chồng people in a visceral way,’ he says.’‘I have sầu strived to lớn be conscious of the political culture, & cognisant of the mandate và authority accorded lớn ministers through the democratic political process.’‘There is a great struggle that goes on when you try lớn wake yourself, when you are cognizant that you are in a dream state, but know you need to lớn get out of it.’‘I suspect the architects are entirely cognizant of these principles & use them lớn their absolute advantage.’‘We are very cognizant of the subject of our correspondence.’‘I wonder if the experts are truly cognizant of the unnecessary chasm that separates the layman from the cultured.’‘Men should always be cognizant of the fact that the women they seek to lớn court are daughters, sisters, or even mothers.’‘It is impossible for her not to cognizant of the situation.’‘You don"t think that they"re not cognizant of the impact on the campaign?’‘Most boxers really vì know what they"re doing & are fully cognizant of the choices they"ve made.’‘Remember that bonds will ultimately be a hidden cost, so be cognizant of what bonds you require in your contract.’‘He is highly cognizant of Russia"s historical, seminal role in Europe and Asia và, hence, the world.’‘He was slipping at that point, và I don"t think he was too cognizant of anything or anytoàn thân.’‘Further, it is not that economists are not cognizant of the restrictive nature of rational self-interest.’‘We were pretty cognizant of how real headbangers would react.’‘For myself, I am entirely cognizant of the moral case for war.’‘So we are very cognizant of the fact that they need rest and respite care.’