Cross-dressing is the act of wearing clothing và other accessories associated with the opposite sex. Reasons are several. self-expression, comfort, disguise, entertainment. Some have sầu fetish or a svào desire towards cloths of opposite sex. Some do it for sexual pleasure. Another term for Cross-dressing is Transvestitism. Someone who engages in Crossdressing/Transvestitism is called a Crossdresser/Transvestite.

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Term Transvestite is commonly considered outdated & disrespectful. Because the term transvestite was historically used as slur against people who wore clothes of the opposite sex. Crossdresser is now a much more accepted term. Cross-dresser was coined by the transgender community.

MtF và FtM Crossdresser Meaning:

A crossdresser (CD) is a person who likes to wear clothing & accessories associated with the opposite sex. For several reasons such as self-expression, comfort, disguise, entertainment, even for sexual pleasure. A man who dresses in women clothes is a male to female (MtF) crossdresser, a woman who dresses as a man is a female lớn male (FtM) crossdresser.

But for women, it is debatable whether in this age trousers/pants count as cross dressing. Because in this age male clothing is often considered gender-neutral. This is the reason when someone talks about crossdresser, our focus shift mainly towards MtF crossdresser.

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Different Then Transgender:

One other thing we should rethành viên that Wearing opposite sex clothes does not mean that the person identifies as the opposite gender. It is different from being Trangender or Transexual. When transgender people dress according lớn their gender identity, it is not necessarily the same as cross-dressing.

It is important to know that a crossdresser does not necessarily have toàn thân or gender dysphoria ( gender dysphoria means feeling uncomfortable with their toàn thân và gender they were born with ), They are perfectly happy with their gender identity assigned at birth. and have no desire lớn change their sex, but simply enjoy being able khổng lồ cross-dress from time to time. However Transgender describes people who feel that their gender identity is different from their biological sex.

Most transgender people do not appreciate being called crossdressers, & for a good reason. As they are wearing cloths of their own gender identity. Because they consider themselves, và should be considered by others as a gender they are dressing in. A Transwoman wearing girl’s clothes is not a crossdresser, Nor she is a drag queen. She is just a woman.

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