I understand what the phrase means, but what other colloquial expressions could I use khổng lồ replace the slang dichồng move? I want to avoid swear words và convey the same sentiment in a way that is would be regarded as more polite và less offensive.

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Thank you for answering my question. Woud it sound natural if I said "That's rude!" after seeing offensive drawings made lớn mochồng someone? Does it express that I feel sorry for the boy on the drawing? –user14197 Jan 28 "15 at 23:59
Saying something is not cool captures the same sentiment. It’s fairly flexible:

Don’t prank him. That would not be cool.

Don’t prank him. That’s not cool.

You could also tchrissiemanby.com someone not lớn be that guy.

Don’t prank hlặng. You don’t want khổng lồ be that guy.



A very polite altemative would be "faux pas" (pronounced foe-paw). This is a French phrase adopted inlớn English; it literally means "false step", but is used specifically khổng lồ denote an act that is socially unacceptable, something that is just "not done in polite company".

Your rude friend might not get it, và think you"re being hoity-toity or high-falutin, or he might get it, but still think you"re prissy or a goody two-shoes. Go ahead & say it anyway—he"ll get over it.

Diông chồng moves aren"t just mean or inconsiderate, it"s explicitly identifying something a person should be ashamed of. So focus on the shaming & less on the deed.

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Don"t poop in his shoes, that"s such a diông chồng move.

You"re better than that.

Who does that?

Don"t be a Schmuck

"Egregious act" is a pretty good synonym IMO. It is the one I chose after coming to this page for alternatives.

I suppose this comes down to lớn how you define the phrase in question. The Urban Dictionary lists two dozen meanings of the phrase; the one I"m using for this answer is #7 there:

A socially unacceptable deed or act.

This one might be a little too sophisticated, depending on your audience, but there"s the adjective inappropriate:

Please don"t vì that prank to lớn hyên. That would be inappropriate.

Macmillan says the word is used for behavior that is "morally wrong or against acceptable social or professional standards," which seems like a good description of – ahem – a "bad move sầu."

If you want something more slangy, there"s the British term not cricket. A UK Slang Dictionary defines the informal phrase as:

Unacceptable or unfair behaviour : I mean, it"s just not cricket is it? Knowing that a meal contained beef fat & not tchrissiemanby.coming a vegetarian until after they"d eaten it.

CDO labels not cricket as old-fashioned or humorous, but their example sentence fits very wchrissiemanby.com with the phrase you are asking about:

It"s simply not cricket to flirt with another man"s wife.

The phrase not cricket isn"t widely used in the U.S., but I"ve known the meaning of the phase for some time now, thanks to a tuy vậy by the band Squeeze. We"d need a UK native sầu lớn comment on its currency on the other side of the Atlantic, but at least it would be much more polite than the alternative you are asking about.