: festival specifically : a saint"s day celebrated in Spain, Latin America, and the Philippines with processions & dances

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Recent Examples on the Web For Tex-Mex enthusiasts, Molina’s fiesta fajita packs (available by the pound) are the perfect DIY dinner for game day.

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— Joanna O"leary, Chron, "Where to lớn get the best Super Bowl takeout in Houston," 3 Feb. 2021 Expect more multiplier mumbo jumbo as the Biden administration begins its tax-and-spend fiesta. — Andy Kessler, WSJ, "A Stimulus Dollar Is Only a Dollar," 6 Dec. 2020 But Mexico’s paper works burst with every-day-is-a-fiesta whimsy (lifesize skeletons with sly grins) và dark, timely humor (whaông chồng these COVID-19 piñatas). — Jennifer Barger, National Geographic, "These paper crafts bring the tiệc ngọt on Day of the Dead," 19 Oct. 20đôi mươi Osorio looks forward to a lively family fiesta at their south side Milwaukee home. — Joan Elovitz Kazan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "No Fiesta? No Problem. Local families giới thiệu Mexican Favorites for at-home page Fiestas," 13 Aug. 20trăng tròn The casserole is baked just long enough khổng lồ heat through và melt the cheese, before being showered with a luxurious amount of toppings that give sầu this dish a fiesta-lượt thích feeling.

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— Meredith Deeds Special To The Star Tribune, Star Tribune, "Plan a weeknight fiesta with this twist on chilaquiles," 14 Oct. 2020 Includes choice of select cocktail or red or Trắng wine Start the fiesta with a quesadilla stuffed with huitlacobít or shrimp ceviđậy. — Lauren Saria, The Arizomãng cầu Republic, "Arizona Restaurant Week Fall 2020: Here are 15 great menus to lớn try for dine-in or takeout," 17 Sep. 20đôi mươi While food is the star of any fiesta, 2020 has taught other lessons. — Joan Elovitz Kazan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "No Fiesta? No Problem. Local families share Mexican Favorites for at-trang chính Fiestas," 13 Aug. 2020 There are also cooking and cocktail classes, food pairings and more to keep the fiesta going. — Linnea Covington, The Know, "Where lớn get tacos và margs so you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo at trang chủ this year," 30 Apr. 20trăng tròn

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