Hackahạn hẹp is the name of a software developing conkiểm tra, its name is matched by the words “hack” and “marathon”. ‘Hack’ refers khổng lồ solving problems using the most optimal and most effective sầu method in a short time. The marakhiêm tốn is about competing.

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Many people clayên that the name of hackathanh mảnh was first raised at the JavaOne Conference in 1999 when the organizers unexpectedly proposed an onsite programming conkiểm tra using Java platform. After some lectures on Java’s new communication mechanism, many programmers were very excited about the subject of the contest: data transfer between Palm handhelds via the infrared port.

Hackathuôn journey

Participating in the competition, teams will bring their own software project, which can be a computer software, a phone application or a website. Participants may prepare ideas, or prepare design drawings, but the entire programming phase must be done during the competition. The judges of the competition are a group of professionals who are experienced in the field, besides evaluating the final hàng hóa, they also act as mentors helping the teams in orienting và developing their products. At the final match, the teams will present & demonstrate their products to lớn the judges và other teams, the team with innovative sầu, highly practical sản phẩm will be the winner.

The ability khổng lồ work under high pressure is critical lớn the success of participating teams. Photo: FPT Hackanhỏ năm nhâm thìn.

At hackabé nhỏ, the ability to lớn work under high pressure is critical to lớn the success of participating teams. The time limitation is one of the features of hackathon. Each hackahạn hẹp event usually lasts only one lớn three days, sometimes lasts up to a week.

Each hackathanh mảnh conkiểm tra usually has three main rounds: the idea round, coding in the same place, & product presentation. At the idea round, the teams sover their hàng hóa ideas lớn the organizer, after evaluating creativity, ability to lớn develop and apply lớn real life… The teams meeting the requirements will be selected to lớn go on lớn round 2. In round 2, teams will gather in one place to lớn code và turn ideas inkhổng lồ specific products. Food, drink, & accommodation will be prepared by the organizer. When the time ends, the teams take turns presenting và demonstrating their products in front of the judges và the attendees.

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The purpose of hackadong dỏng contests is to lớn seek out new công nghệ ideas that can be applied in practice khổng lồ improve the quality of life. This is a useful playground for the tech people as well as a place for creative ideas. Sometimes hackathons are also held in schools as a special subject.

Hackabé nhỏ in the eyes of the big companies

Many companies sponsor hackahạn hẹp lớn expvà their influence and discover new ideas. In September 2011, Foursquare held a large-scale hackabé nhỏ, simultaneously took place in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, và Paris. The prize for the winners was a gold-plated belt (lượt thích the champion belt in boxing), a visit to lớn New York and… a dinner with Foursquare founder.

Google và Facebook also often organize internal hackahẹp lớn stimulate creative thinking of their staff. Google sponsors hackathons that focus on Android operating systems or exploit APIs of Google+. PayPal sponsors hackathons that specialize in online payment solutions. Nokia, AT&T, và Unilever consider hackathons as a useful method to lớn promote products and recruit talents.

Products from Hackaeo hẹp in real life

Facebook’s Like button, timeline và chat function are the product of internal hackathanh mảnh contests. Another successful hackanhỏ nhắn sản phẩm is GroupMe. This chat application was created from TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 contest, which received more than $ 10 million of venture capital. Only a year later, Skype spent more than $80 million khổng lồ buy GroupMe.

Vietnam giới AI Hackathon

Vietnam giới AI Hackadong dỏng is a conkiểm tra organized by FPT Corporation. In this competition, FPT opens many valuable APIs and data as the basis for contestants to lớn develop their hàng hóa. The participating teams can develop ideas based on valuable data of VnExpress, e-commerce portal Sendo.vn, FPT Shops and APIs in security, e-commerce, network infrastructure, smart traffic, natural language processing, image processing… Detailed information about APIs, data, và usage will be updated HERE.

Vietnam AI Hackadong dỏng with a total prize value of up lớn VND700 million, of which the cash prize is over VND100 million, and the winning team will receive VND50 million in cash, presents & thousands of dollars in tài khoản from sponsor Amazon and will receive sầu support from FPT in 6 months to develop their hàng hóa, etc. The conkiểm tra is expected khổng lồ create the playground for Vietnamese technology community lớn develop the ideas that 3D the application, bring interesting experience for users based on artificial intelligence. Travel expenses of the teams from outside Hanoi will be covered to lớn help them participate in the conkiểm tra.

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