3 : a group of females associated with one male —used of polygamous animals Researchers who study elk have sầu determined that the males who possess the largest harems of females not only sport the largest racks of antlers, but also the most symmetrical ones.— Natalie Angier

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In a Muslyên household, a harem is a part of a house phối apart for women & from which nonfamily males are excluded. Harems existed in the pre-Islamic civilizations of the Middle East & in the courts of pre-Islamic Assyria, Persia, và Egypt. The harem was also found in the courts of Đài Loan Trung Quốc và Japan as well as in India & southeast Asia. Large harems for wives and concubines were comtháng in wealthy Arab households into lớn the 20th century; the great harem of the Turkish sultans (15th–20th century) contained several hundred women, guarded by eunuchs. By the later 20th century, the full harem system remained only among conservative sầu elements of Arab society.

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Recent Examples on the Web Aaron Sorkin was watching in his posh pad with a harem that included Olivia Munn. — Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone, "Golden Globes 2021: This Party Could Have sầu Been an Email," 1 Mar. 2021 The area is very secluded và bulls like to go to lớn the meadow for a big drink and a refreshing splash in the wallow during midday, while their harem is sleeping off a night of debauchery. — Outdoor Life, "7 Rules You Must Follow khổng lồ Punch Your Big-Game Tag on Public L&," 10 Dec. 20trăng tròn The buck was pacing the edges of the harem, keeping the does in some order that seemed khổng lồ make sense to hyên, as a sheep dog would a bvà of ewes. — Will Brantley, Field & Stream, "Hunting Antelope with a Lever-Action .357 Is So Much Fun, It’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again," 14 Nov. 20trăng tròn Sneaking up on a pronghorn buchồng that’s trying to keep his harem in order is fun in the way that fifth-grade dodgeball was fun. — Will Brantley, Field và Stream, "Hunting Antelope with a Lever-kích hoạt .357 Is So Much Fun, It’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again," 14 Nov. 2020 Amenhotep did build a harem, but his relationship with Tiye was different from the start. — National Geographic, "King Tut"s grandparents were Egypt"s royal power couple," 17 Sep. 20trăng tròn King Vajiralongkorn spends most of his time in Germany, where paparazzi occasionally manage lớn take snaps of him và members of his harem in the sort of get-up the marchers were mimicking. — The Economist, "Do you hear the people, king? Daring Thais march to the palace to dem& royal rekhung," 26 Sep. 2020 The amir of Kabul bought bicycles for his entire harem. — National Geographic, "How bicycles transformed our world," 17 June 20trăng tròn The main antagonist is a warlord named Abdullah who has a harem that falls under the temporary protection of Sukhov. — Eric Berger, Ars Technica, "I was bored, so I watched the movie that astronauts must view before launch," 8 Atruyền thông quảng cáo. 2020

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History and Etymology for harem

ultimately from Arabic ḥarīm, literally, something forbidden và ḥaram, literally, sanctuary