chú ý that Hatsu may not actually be able lớn obtain all thesePokémon. Before setting your heart on a particular Pokémon, check itsevolution conditions & make sure Hatsu can actually fulfil them.

Only show Pokémon with at least a % liên kết. Go!

Link Pokétháng Type Abilities Range HP. Atk Def Spd Total
70% Eevee Sprint Perception Celebrate4220115119115569
70% Vaporeon Wave sầu Rider Aqua Boost Water Absorb4370225159135889
70% Jolteon
Sprint Vanguard Volt Absorb4240225159265889
70% Flareon
Spirit Flame Boost Flash Fire4240265175135815
70% Espeon
Mountaineer Instinct Share4240265159225889
70% Umbreon
Shackle Melee Dodge4300135245135815
70% Leafeon Run Up Instinct Life Force4240225199195859
70% Glaceon
Skater Stealth Frostbite4240265209135849
100% Igglybuff Lullaby Mood Maker Confidence3290653935429
100% Jigglypuff Lullaby Mood Maker Confidence3340954945529
100% Wigglytuff Lullaby Mood Maker Confidence33901459995729
70% Starly Keen Eye Hero Celebrate419011565125495
70% Staravia Intimidate Hero Celebrate422015595165635
70% Staraptor Intimidate Hero Vanguard4280245125205855
70% Bidoof Simple Deep Sleep Unaware3228958567475
70% Bibarel Simple Deep Sleep Unaware3268175125147715
70% Meowth Mountaineer Fortune Bonanza31909579185549
70% Persian Mountaineer Limber High-rise3240145129235749
70% Minccino Mood Maker Perception Confidence322010585155565
70% Cinccino Dodge Perception Confidence3260195125235815
70% Leavanny
Nurse Swarm Confidence3260145155189749
70% Rufflet Keen Eye Pride Celebrate4250171105125651
70% Braviary Keen Eye Pride Hero4310251155165881
70% Munchlax Lunchbox Power nguồn Nap Thichồng Fat338017512915699
70% Snorlax Deep Sleep Immunity Thiông chồng Fat243022517965899
70% Audino Life Force Healer Medic3316125177105723


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