Brandon Stanton is an American bestselling author, photographer, & is most recognized for his world renown blog, Humans of New York– or HONY as he likes to Call it.

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Stanton started his career as a Bond trader in Chicago, và on weekends would find happiness in taking photographs of the landscape around the thành phố. After he was fired from his job, he packed his bags & moved to the greakiểm tra city in the world—New York.


He decided to lớn follow his passion for photography và set an initial goal for himself to lớn photograph 10,000 people around Thành Phố New York City. At first, the idea of photographing strangers intimidated Stanton, but with the determination to lớn reach his goal, that fear soon faded.

At the start, Stanton would take 10-40 candid pictures a day & would post them lớn both his personal website và his social media pages. Although his personal trang web didn’t get much attention, his social truyền thông media pages were flourishing with likes, comments, & shares. Noticing the attention he was getting, Stanton decided to lớn add words lớn his pictures, stories behind the images, thus creating the phenomenon of Humans of New York.

Today, the Humans of Thủ đô New York Facebook page has almost 18 million followers và counting. However, the HONY empire has reached far beyond the Facebook world, và even further beyond the borders of Thủ đô New York City và its boroughs.

Humans of New York started its own trang web where it publishes all its blog posts, and shares previous và upcoming adventures that Stanton has planned. His work is also featured in two New York Times best sellers, “Humans of New York”, & “Humans of New York: Stories”. In 2013, he also made the Time Magazine “30 people under 30 changing the world”.


After a lot of time photographing the “random New Yorker”, Stranton began khổng lồ get creative sầu with his posts & started incorporating various themes khổng lồ his work. He started a series within his blog that focused on diverse social và political issues affecting people around the world. These included inmate stories, pediatric cancer stories, and refugee stories, khổng lồ name a few.

“I asked her out during a movie. I was really nervous, so I executed with about half the talent level that I could have sầu. I accidentally…"

— Brandon Stanton (
humansofny) May 10, 2017

When this branch of his blog received positive feedbaông chồng, he decided to lớn widen his camera lense và took his blog around the world. He traveled lớn countries lượt thích Pakisrã, Iraq, Kenya, Ukraine & India where he collected the life testimonies of many different individuals. The stories he collected from these places were of people facing different obstacles than the ones Americans were used to hearing about. By taking his skill of storytelling international, Stanton was not only able to exp& his network by thousands, but was also able lớn connect khổng lồ people around the world và raise awareness & empathy in all of his followers.

Through all of his success, one thing is for sure: Brandon Stanton knows how to lớn tell a story.

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Brandon’s Storytelling Technique

There is much more to his blog than the pictures that he takes, & a lot of his success lies within the words that he attaches khổng lồ them. The stories behind the pictures bring them lớn life và set an atmosphere for his blog that fascinates the public, và keeps them coming baông chồng for more.

Santon once said, “The general tone of the site is one of genuine interest và compassion & maintaining that spirit is the only reason Humans of Thành Phố New York survives.” In order khổng lồ preserve sầu this status, HONY always makes sure to put good storytelling at the heart of everything that they do.

In order to lớn obtain the information thats makes this all possible, Stanton asks permission khổng lồ photograph an individual, he snaps a picture, và he tells them about the blog that they will be part of.

He then engages in conversation by asking one of two questions, “What is your greatest struggle?” or “Give sầu me one piece of advice”. Although these questions are quite broad, the answers open doors inkhổng lồ the personal depths of these strangers lives.

Stanton said, “Their individual stories reflect on different facets of the human experience, from struggles lớn heartbreak to inspiration”.

When writing HONY posts, Stanton makes sure that he embraces the human that he is telling the story about. By using a real person’s experience, Stanton takes an abstract issue that could mean nothing khổng lồ the general public, và turns it into something relatable by creating empathy with its readers. By doing this HONY followers are able to emotionally connect with the person in the photograph through its storytelling.

“My mother lost her eyesight slowly. At first her eyes began to change colors. The doctor told us that she needed a surgery, and I promised her I’d get the money. It was my dream khổng lồ save sầu her eyesight. I did some repair work. I helped our neighbors with…"

— Brandon Stanton (
humansofny) February 23, 2018

Stanton also tries khổng lồ accentuate the positive in his storytelling. He knows that people really connect with emotion, & the stronger the emotion, the better. His blog has taught hlặng that content with svào emotion is more likely khổng lồ be shared. Although negative và positive content can both spark emotion, HONY have sầu proven that positive sầu emotion is more viral than negative sầu.

By connecting with their readers through storytelling, HONY creates a following of people who are more compassionate và empathetic to people và the world around them. Stanton has been successful in creating a culture of followers who are there to listen và learn from his stories, rather than judge the people they’re about. Because of this, strangers are more willing lớn open up và tóm tắt with the world. “I can exist without the audience” Stanton says, “but I can’t exist without the people telling their story.”

As long as people are willing khổng lồ nói qua, Brandon Stanton will continue lớn tell their stories through Humans of New York.

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