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Bạn đang xem: Hut meaning, hut definition and meaning

‘Corrugated huts house additional families in backyards & the shanty towns overflow with new arrivals.’‘They were only able lớn get accommodation in beach huts at opposite ends of the island but met up every day.’‘We walk away from the town và head towards the slopes past the harbour and towards beach huts.’‘Inside is a comfortable spot that feels like a cross between a beach hut & a family cottage.’‘The building of shelters and huts encouraged man to live in villages và settlements, and this led to lớn the growth of civilisations.’‘However, it was not difficult lớn meet people simply by wandering through the bush và chancing upon scattered huts and houses.’‘That"s all changed today said Michael with the introduction of huts and shelters to have tea breaks in.’‘She says more lượt thích 35,000 people were there in mud huts and make shift houses.’‘None of the other huts & tree shelters caught fire and no other people were injured in the btia laze, police said.’‘In Bangladesh, a typical village house consists of several huts around a compound.’‘We live in cities, in towns, và in rural communities, in houses instead of huts and caves.’‘There are no streets, no houses, only huts where people cling to lớn each other và cry.’‘Only later were they housed in flimsy huts where they continue khổng lồ live today.’‘The area consists of huts & tiny houses made of tin sheets, wood, blocks, & stones.’‘While on the summit the two men took shelter in a hut from a particularly vicious blast of wind và snow.’‘The man was killed in a fire that engulfed a row of beach huts in an eastern Thai resort popular ahy vọng backpackers.’‘There are at least four such lanes between clusters of houses & huts.’‘They were all moved to townships - shanty towns of wooden huts built away from any natural resources or shelter.’‘Aao ước the huts & mud brick buildings, more shelters are springing up.’

transitive sầu verbhuts, hutting, hutted

Provide with huts.

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‘it will be advisable to hut the troops, for their protection during the cold season’
More example sentences
‘This year is the 60th anniversary of the kết thúc of the second World War, & that gave sầu particular relevance khổng lồ a holiday visit khổng lồ Eden Camp, in North Yorkshire, a hutted former prisoner of war camp which serves as a museum of the war.’‘As its numbers have grown, the old hutted classrooms have sầu been replaced with new permanent ones và a new library has been added.’‘Initially made up of a few cottages & farm buildings, by 1918 the original buildings had become a large hutted camp with 50 officers & 1,100 other ranks.’

Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘temporary wooden shelter for troops’): from French hutte, from Middle High German hütte.