About Huzuni

Huzuni is a hacked client made for griefing & other stuff in Minecraft. It comes with lots of features & easy to lớn use GUI menu. Works online on multiplayer servers. Not sure about Realms. Beware, when using on servers, you risk getting banned or kicked.

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This client includes the OptiFine mod.

Huzuni Minecraft hack is không lấy phí khổng lồ download. You will find the download liên kết below in this article.

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Media – Screenshots

Screenshots of Huzuni (click)



WaypointsESPNametagsStorage ESPProjectilesXrayBrightnessBreadcrumbsAukhổng lồ potionAuto armorKill auraBow aimbotCriticalsChat mutatorTimerAuto DisconnectAuto FishRespawnMiddle cliông chồng friendsChest stealerRetardAnti KnockbackSpeedScaffoldSafewalkDolphinFast ladderFlightFreecamGlideNofallSneakSpiderStepNukerAulớn farmSmasherReplicaFast placeAukhổng lồ toolSpeed mine


TitleTabbed menuEnabled ModsNotificationCoordinatesCompassFPSMinimapBiomeTimeArmor StatusText radarFacing

How lớn use Huzuni Hachồng (controls)

GUI/Menu: Right ShiftCommands: .helpKeybind: .setbind IRC help: #infoQuiông chồng Menu: Arrow keys

Minecraft versions

The Huzuni client is currently available for:

Minecraft 1.11.xMinecraft 1.10.x

How khổng lồ install Huzuni Client

How khổng lồ install the client (click)

Windows Installation

Download & extract the zip file.Cthua kém Minecraft (if open).Navigate to: %appdata%.minecraftversionsMove sầu the extracted Huzuni thư mục to: versionsOpen the Minecraft launcher.Click on “New Profile”.Settings:Profile Name: HuzuniUse version: release HuzuniSave sầu Protệp tin.Choose the newly created protệp tin “Huzuni” & cliông chồng “Play”.

Mac installation

Download & extract the zip tệp tin.Cthua Minecraft (if open).Navigate to: ~Library/ApplicationSupport/minecraft/versionsMove the extracted Huzuni folder to: /versionsOpen the Minecraft launcher.Cliông chồng on “New Profile”.Settings:Profile Name: HuzuniUse version: release HuzuniSave sầu Profile.Chose the newly created profile “Huzuni” and click “Play”.

Linux Installation

Download and extract the zip tệp tin.Cchiến bại Minecraft (if open).Navigate to: Home.minecraftversionsMove the extracted Huzuni thư mục to: versionsxuất hiện the Minecraft launcher.Clichồng on “New Profile”.Settings:Protệp tin Name: HuzuniUse version: release HuzuniSave sầu Protệp tin.Chose the newly created protệp tin “Huzuni” và click “Play”.

Virusscan results

VirusTotal (1/43)

Free tải về links below!


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