The impressum may be a largely unfamiliar concept in North America, but it’s a legal requirement for businesses that operate in German-speaking countries. Many website owners around the world must discthua kém their identities và contact information in an impressum.

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Read on khổng lồ find out what an impressum is, whether or not you need one, và how khổng lồ create an impressum for Facebook.

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What Is an Impressum?

An impressum is a statement of ownership and authorship of nội dung, which is legally required to lớn be put on published online and print media in German-speaking countries. For businesses with an online presence, an impressum means disclosing the liên hệ information of the trang web or business owner, as well as basic information about the company.

“Impressum” is an adopted German word with Latin origins, meaning “lớn impress or to lớn engrave.” The closest English equivalents lớn “impressum” are:

“legal notice”“imprint”“masthead”“about us page”

Do I Need an Impressum?

According lớn the German Teletruyền thông media Act, you need an impressum if you operate a commercial website (including business social media pages) in Germany, Austria, or Switzerl&, regardless of whether you have sầu a .de domain or not.

An impressum is similar lớn a business’s privacy policy. However, privacy policies are more extensive sầu và required in more countries.

Keep in mind that an impressum is not required for private pages, such as a personal blog that doesn’t generate income.

What Should I Write in an Impressum?

According to the Teletruyền thông Act, you should include the following in an impressum:

Name of the owner or manager of your business/pageRegistered business addressLiên hệ information (e.g., phone number, gmail address)Business registration information (including register name and registration number)VAT ID number or trade registry number if applicable

Impressum và Facebook

Many businesses have sầu their own websites as well as social truyền thông media pages. Facebook added a feature that allows users lớn create their own impressum on a public page so that businesses in German-speaking countries can easily comply with the law.

What Is an Impressum on Facebook?

An impressum on Facebook is a section on the “About” page that displays a business’s contact information and legal identification numbers. Facebook allows users to lớn đầu vào up to lớn 2,000 characters for their impressum, after which the text is shortened, và a links khổng lồ the complete impressum is added.

Facebook’s Pages, Groups, and Event Policies require page administrators lớn obey all applicable laws và regulations. This means if you’re subject khổng lồ the Teletruyền thông media Act, Facebook requires you khổng lồ include an impressum on your page.

Impressum Facebook Examples

There are different ways to write & present an impressum for your Facebook page. The following Facebook impressum examples vary in wording & formatting, while still meeting the requirements for an impressum.


Audi’s Facebook About page features their impressum, which includes the names of board members, liên hệ information, business register name và number, & VAT ID. They provide additional tương tác information và resources for users who want to find out more about their fuel consumption data.


An impressum can contain additional information about your business, as long as you’ve included the required elements. As seen in the example, Audi’s impressum places a dispute resolution disclaimer between the business’s VAT ID and mailing address.


Birkenstock’s Facebook About Page features their business mô tả tìm kiếm & impressum. Although they have sầu a relatively short impressum, they provide the required business và liên hệ information.


You can vary the length of your impressum & the order of information as long as the required information is presented.


Allianz’s Facebook About page includes their business mô tả tìm kiếm and impressum. They provide information about their staff and business, along with links to their full impressum, privacy policy, & Instagram page (not pictured).

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Impressum are also referred to as “imprint” or “ credits” on websites, as seen in the example. Consider linking your Facebook impressum khổng lồ your website’s full imprint or impressum page for your users’ convenience.

How to Add an Impressum on Your Facebook Page

Here’s how lớn add an impressum to lớn your Facebook page:

Click Pages in the left menu of your News Feed.Go khổng lồ your Page & cliông chồng Edit Page Info.Scroll down to the More section and enter your business information in the Impressum field.Cliông xã Save sầu Changes.

Impressum Examples

Impressum on websites also come in different styles for different businesses. Cheông chồng out the impressum samples below khổng lồ get ideas of how lớn format your impressum.

Swarovski — Online Shop Impressum

Swarovski’s imprint has all the required elements of an impressum, including business & liên hệ information for their Switzerl& office. They also provide tương tác information for their US office for US users.


It’s a good practice for multinational companies with English websites lớn post their impressum if they also operate in German-speaking countries.

Even though English-speaking countries don’t require an impressum, Swarovski includes an impressum on their international English website, because they also operate in Switzerl&, as seen in the example.

ABB Group — Website Impressum

Engineering firm ABB’s impressum specifies that their trang web is owned by the ABB company, & provides company details including the CEO’s name, business address, liên hệ information, & business registration information.


Follow this example by identifying who manages or owns your trang web. If your website is maintained by a third-tiệc nhỏ organization, include their liên hệ information as well.

7132 Silver Restaurant — Disclaimer Impressum

7132 Silver Restaurant’s impressum and disclaimer page features liability and privacy disclaimers in addition lớn their impressum. They also provide information about the third-tiệc nhỏ organization that developed their website.


Like in the example, you can choose to lớn include your impressum in your disclaimer, or simply provide a links lớn the impressum page if it’s too long.

Next Steps

Now that we’ve walked through what an impressum is and how lớn create one, let’s revisit what you need to know about impressum:

An impressum is a statement of ownership and authorship.An impressum helps combat spam và disinformation by holding creators responsible for their content.An impressum is legally required for commercial sites operating in Germany, Austria và Switzerland.A standard impressum text includes names of the business/trang web owner, business tương tác information, & any government-issued identification or registration numbers.

Before creating your impressum, consult other impressum resources or nhận xét the Telemedia Act for detailed descriptions of the requirements.

When writing your impressum, you can draw inspiration from impressum examples.

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Finally, display your impressum in conspicuous places on your trang web or Facebook page to lớn comply with German laws.