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Bạn đang xem: Insult definition and meaning

‘They were also said lớn be regularly insulted and physically abused by the owners.’‘Carl is insulted, humiliated và ignored on a regular basis và yet keeps coming baông chồng for more.’‘So is there any hope that the broadcasters will stop insulting our intelligence?’‘Well the nation has had to lớn put up with weeks of its intelligence being insulted by those who claimed we were wrong to act.’‘They have insulted our war dead and probably vày not even realise it.’‘Political violence is often a resentful backlash khổng lồ a group"s sense of being insulted or humiliated.’‘Eileen Murphy, who has lived there nine years, said people were fuming and insulted by the slur.’‘It insulted his intelligence và made hlặng wonder why he went to lớn college in the first place.’‘I wonder what sort of business he"s involved with, if he doesn"t need lớn worry about insulting women?’‘Lists are just a cheap, uninspired & valueless way of filling column inches and insulting readers.’‘The players are insulting the hard work put in lớn keep the club alive sầu.’‘My problem is with stupid, ignorant và insulting queries lượt thích the one posed above sầu.’‘I"m not big on censorship & I will only delete a posting if it contains insulting language.’‘Try having people insulting you every single day, & tell me how long you can last?’‘Howard has been not only honest but clever in not insulting voters with tricky talk.’‘Not only are they taking money out of our pockets but they are insulting us.’‘As a statement of defiance, it was more effective sầu than insulting a head of state.’‘It was the cruel và insulting nature of that particular rant that so annoyed me.’‘He said he became angry after his girlfrikết thúc was insulted by the two accused men.’‘He insulted me & repeatedly pushed my shoulder, hoping khổng lồ goad me into hitting hyên.’‘When villagers tried lớn put the cones baông xã, they were insulted by some motorists.’


1A disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or action.

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‘he hurled insults at us’
More example sentences
‘he saw the book as a deliberate insult lớn the Church’‘You know your comment about there being more jobs in America then ever is a real stupid remark & an insult lớn hourly workers of America.’‘My remarks were not an insult lớn decent youths or their parents.’‘With respect, this remark is an insult khổng lồ the intelligence of your readers.’‘I strongly feel that what has been written about hlặng in your paper is a slur on his character & an insult lớn his profession, & that you should apologise to lớn hyên in writing.’‘A string of vitriolic insults were hurled at the referee who should have at least administered a yellow thẻ for diving if he felt a penalty was the wrong decision.’‘It"s grossly invasive & humiliating, an insult lớn the dignity of any person.’‘This is the crowning insult to lớn a lifetime of perceived slights & insults, which exist nowhere but in his head.’‘With Australian spies aý muốn their number, they face a season-long barrage of insults và sly remarks if the world champions add the Captain Cook Cup to their trophy haul.’‘The arch tastemaker meant it as a compliment, but barbed remarks & outright insults have sầu dogged her throughout her career.’‘Many took his remarks as a racial insult.’‘As she said this, she glared at John-Paul, as if her remarks were an insult.’‘The implication that parenting under pressure is an invitation lớn abuse is an insult lớn the integrity of millions of hardworking mums và dads.’‘It is tempting to lớn refuse lớn answer those who have nothing to lớn contribute but rude remarks, insults, and attempts khổng lồ accuse others of things never said.’‘The conduct that has come khổng lồ light is an insult khổng lồ the people, and an affront lớn the most basic standards of morality và decency.’‘It is an insult to the primary producers of this region khổng lồ be snubbed by any Minister, let alone one who supposedly represents their industry.’‘This was a blatant insult lớn Russia & an affront to lớn the whole free world.’‘Problems included loud music, out-of-control dogs, residents being assaulted và abuse & insults hurled at people in the street.’‘He"s been a never-ending source of insults and putdowns, to lớn keep the hecklers at bay và the fans in stitches.’‘The Vietnamese perceived this disrespect as an insult to the entire village.’‘The man came around from his counter & began yelling insults at me.’
abusive remark, jibe, affront, slight, snub, barb, slur, backhanded compliment, injury, libel, slander, defamation, abuse, disparagement, depreciation, impugnment, revilement, humiliation, indignity, insolence, rudeness