The offers the best KA-BAR Knives for sale. KA-BAR Knives, Inc., is an internationally recognized cutlery company located in Olean, Thủ đô New York. KA-BAR Knives manufactures the world-famous KA-BAR USMC Fighting/Utility Knives, along with many other fine knives for outdoorsmen, hunters, fishermen & knife collectors.

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KA-BAR Knives SeriesKA-BAR AccessoriesKA-BAR Backpaông chồng KasterKA-BAR Big Brother Fighting/UtilityKA-BAR Bob Dozier DesignsKA-BAR Bridge Breacher ToolKA-BAR ChopsticksKA-BAR Commemorative sầu Fighting/UtilityKA-BAR Corser Folding KnifeKA-BAR Coypu Folding KnifeKA-BAR Dog"s HeadKA-BAR Folding Hunter KnifeKA-BAR Gun ToolKA-BAR Gunny KnifeKA-BAR Heavy Cutting ToolsKA-BAR HoboKA-BAR Jarosz CollaborationsKA-BAR John Ek Combat KnivesKA-BAR Johnson AdventureKA-BAR KBD Master Series Snody DesignsKA-BAR Kitchen KnivesKA-BAR Knives Mark 98KA-BAR Kraton G Handled Fighting/UtilityKA-BAR Leather Handled Fighting/UtilityKA-BAR Leather Handled HuntersKA-BAR MULE FoldersKA-BAR Stainless Steel All-Purpose KnivesKA-BAR Tactical Sporks with Hidden Serrated KnifeKA-BAR TDI Law EnforcementKA-BAR Thunderhorse ThrowerKA-BAR USSF Space Force SeriesKA-BAR Walking CaneKA-BAR WhistlesKA-BAR ZK Zombie Killer

KA-BAR Accessories
These accessories from KA-BAR are designed to make your life easier & more enjoyable.

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KA-BAR Backpack Kaster
The KA-BAR 9921 Backpaông chồng Kaster is an American made, lightweight fishing system designed lớn tag along on all your outdoor adventures.

KA-BAR Big Brother Fighting/Utility

KA-BAR Bob Dozier Designs
The clean lines of Bob Dozier"s designs add aesthetic appeal lớn some very utilitarian cutting tools.

KA-BAR Bridge Breacher Tool
Modeled after the TDI Law Enforcement Master Key, the Bridge Breacher Tool is 13" of pure power.
KA-BAR Chopsticks
The KA-BAR Chopsticks are sold as a four pack, providing two sets of American-made, dishwasher safe chopsticks.
KA-BAR Commemorative sầu Fighting/Utility
Combat fixed blade knives commemorating the USMC, US Army and US Navy.
KA-BAR Corser Folding Knife
The Corser is 7.875" overall and has a 3.5" blade making it a great form size for easy pocket carry yet still perform when needed.
KA-BAR Coypu Folding Knife
Outfitted with a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, impressive drop point blade, & ergonomic G10 handle, the Coypu is a rescue knife on a budget that will really impress.
KA-BAR Dog"s Head
KABAR is keeping this traditional brvà alive sầu.
KA-BAR Folding Hunter Knife
Designed with a nod to nostalgia as it rekindles the features of the old KA-BAR Model 1189.
KA-BAR Gun Tool
Perfect for a range bag, the KA-BAR Gun Tool has everything you need to lớn handle a variety of firearms & knives.
KA-BAR Gunny Knife
Designed by R. Lee Ermey, better known as "Gunny" before his passing in 2018, the Gunny Knife is to be used in any and all terrains and situations.
KA-BAR Heavy Cutting Tools
With five blade styles to choose from, finding the right tool for chopping down weeds, clearing a camp site và cutting small tree limbs is just a matter of personal preference.
Hobo knives are great for picnics or emergency situations.
KA-BAR Jarosz Collaborations
Designed in collaboration with custom knifemaker Jess Jarosz, these fixed blades are perfectly designed for all types of tasks with a custom design and feel.
KA-BAR John Ek Combat Knives
EK Commanbởi vì Knives built in the USA by KA-BAR Knives.
KA-BAR Johnson Adventure
Cleverly designed knives by outdoorsman, hunter và industrial engineer Steven Johnson. These are great products!
KA-BAR KBD Master Series Snody Designs
KA-BAR teamed up with Mike Snody, custom knifemaker, lớn produce factory knives that honor the looks và finish of Mike"s custom-made pieces.
KA-BAR Kitchen Knives
Quality forged in nhật bản years ago, these kitchen knives have the Dog"s Head or Union shields.
KA-BAR Knives Mark 98
KA-BAR Knives is proud to announce the Mark 98 Folder. The Mark 98 is a flipper thư mục that can be carried either tip up or tip down. The Mark 98 is the first flipper thư mục in the KA-BAR product line.
KA-BAR Kraton G Handled Fighting/Utility
The classic oval shape of the original KA-BAR remains & has been modernized with a material nearly impervious to sweat, chemicals và wear, Kraton G.
KA-BAR Leather Handled Fighting/Utility
One of the world"s most famous fixed blade knives is still doing its job, with honors, almost 70 years later.
KA-BAR Leather Handled Hunters
These beautifully finished knives feature polished stacked leather handles, stainless steel blades, brass guards and aluminum butt camps and have been a favorite of outdoorsmen since the early 1900s.
These heavy-duty lockbachồng folders are the folding knife"s answer khổng lồ a rugged fixed-blade utility knife.
KA-BAR Stainless Steel All-Purpose Knives
Economical và uniquely styled strong folding knives with stainless steel blades.
KA-BAR Tactical Sporks with Hidden Serrated Knife
The KA-BAR Spork Set is perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, storing in glove sầu boxes and packs, and eating on the go.
KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement
In extreme cđại bại quarters where a suspect is attempting lớn take an officer"s handgun, the TDI fixed-blades are available as a last defense option.

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KA-BAR Thunderhorse Thrower
The ThunderHorse Thrower is made lớn competition specs, measuring 15.625" overall, with excellent balance & a very positive sầu weight.
KA-BAR USSF Space Force Series
From roaming the stars to defending your own space, the KA-BAR Knives USSF products have sầu universal appeal & will put you light-years ahead of anything you may encounter.
KA-BAR Walking Cane
With a solid handle so that, if you had to use it for defense, it would work.
KA-BAR Whistles
Stylish keychain survival whistle putting out a piercing 100 decibels of sound.
KA-BAR ZK Zombie Killer
Very cool, fresh design ZK Knives by KA-BAR. Features eye-catching acid green handles and blaông chồng blade.
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KA-BAR Neông xã Knives
Small, compact and versatile neông xã knives by KA-BAR.
KA-BAR Presentation Displays và Cases
Wooden stands & boxes.
KA-BAR Becker Knife & Tool Designs
KA-BAR builds this great brvà of USA built knives.
KA-BAR Replacement Sheaths
Replacement sheaths for KA-BAR folding & fixed blade knives.
KA-BAR TDI Accessories
TDI accessories geared toward Law Enforcement personnel including tactical vests và packs.
KA-BAR Tanto lớn Blades
Tanlớn blades are an extra strong blade shape preferred by many. KaBar Knives has an excellent assortment of tanto lớn blade knives.
KA-BAR Accessories
These accessories from KA-BAR are designed khổng lồ make your life easier và more enjoyable.
KA-BAR Backpachồng Kaster
The KA-BAR 9921 Backpack Kaster is an American made, lightweight fishing system designed to tag along on all your outdoor adventures.
KA-BAR Chopsticks
The KA-BAR Chopsticks are sold as a four paông xã, providing two sets of American-made, dishwasher safe chopsticks.
KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Fixed Blades
The most famous fixed blade knife in the World - "the KA-BAR" - was designed to lớn serve sầu our troops during World War II & is still doing its job, with honors, more than 50 years later.
KA-BAR Fixed Blade Knives
Various fixed blade knives by KA-BAR.
KA-BAR Folding Knives
Large variety of folders by KA-BAR.
KA-BAR Handle Scales
Handles for your KA-BAR knife.
KA-BAR Tactical Sporks with Hidden Serrated Knife
The KA-BAR Spork Set is perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, storing in glove sầu boxes & packs, và eating on the go.
KA-BAR Whistles
Stylish keychain survival whistle putting out a piercing 100 decibels of sound.

Company Profile

Ka-Bar says: We are KA-BAR or more formally, KA-BAR Knives, Inc., a subsidiary of Cutteo Corporation. You may know us from our high unique military, hunting, sporting, all-purpose utility, và outdoor survival knives.

We offer more than 100 quality cutlery products và accessories sold through independent retailers, distributors, mail order catalogs & our online knife store.

KA-BAR Knives, Inc., a subsidiary of Cutteo Corporation, manufactures high unique military, hunting, sporting, và all-purpose utility knives.Facts và Figures

KA-BAR offers more than 100 cutlery products and accessories.KA-BAR products are sold through independent manufacturing representativesto retailers, distributors, and mail order catalogs.Currently KA-BAR products are distributed internationally in Canadomain authority, the United Kingdom, Greece, Polvà, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, France, & Taiwan.

About Steve sầu Johnson of Johnson Adventure Knives:

A Nebraska native sầu, Steve Johnson is an adrenaline junkie that has loved tools since he could walk.....happiest when he's chasing whatever critters are in season, Steve has been building knives và other tools khổng lồ make his outdoor activities more enjoyable for the past two decades.All of Steve's knives started with an idea and the desire lớn make a task easier or safer, some ideas were his own, and others came as special request from friends that range from cowboys to lớn professionals throughout the military & contracting world. Knives & other tools are always built with function first and foremost. Function dictates khung, và Steve sầu designs his knives to take on the intent of that hand that grips them.