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Bạn đang xem: Knack meaning, knack definition and meaning


Xem thêm: Cách Làm Món Cá Chép Hấp Bia Thơm Ngon Lạ Miệng Đãi Cả Nhà, Cách Làm Cá Chép Hấp Bia Sả Ăn Ngon Quên Lối Về

‘He found work as a freelance consultant for engineering companies and soon discovered he had a knaông chồng for it.’‘During this campaign he displayed one of his greathử nghiệm skills, the knack of surrounding himself with the right people.’‘Postle has a knachồng for combining slapstichồng comedy & pathos, which is very effective sầu in this instance.’‘My father had a knachồng for making a total stranger feel very comfortable in his presence.’‘To say that he has a knachồng for being at the right place at the right time would be an understatement.’‘She had a knachồng for teaching people how khổng lồ enjoy the simple things in life.’‘He has a real knachồng for picking projects that are a little off the beaten trachồng, but guaranteed to be interesting.’‘The b& certainly have sầu a knaông chồng for writing melodies that seem lượt thích newly discovered classics.’‘The actor Ian Ogilvy"s debut novel shows that he has a knaông xã for writing for children.’‘He also has the rare knack for getting the players around him lớn lift their game.’‘Građắm đuối Greene has an uncanny knack for keeping his readers on the edge of their seats.’‘He had always had an uncanny knachồng for seeing things before they actually happened.’‘Moreover, he"s got a happy knaông xã of presenting complex ideas in an accessible, engaging & entertaining way.’‘And he proved that he hadn"t lost his knaông chồng for charming his audience.’‘According khổng lồ sports analyst Greg Gumbel, Harris has " a real knaông chồng for the game".’‘What sets hyên apart is his knack for storytelling và his sense of humour.’‘Conducting is a special knack and I discovered that I possessed it.’‘However, it"s also difficult & time-consuming, and it takes a special knaông chồng which few scientists have.’‘Her voice is immensely beautiful & can lift you out of a blue mood, but more importantly, she has the knaông chồng of making you empathize with her subject matter.’‘He has the knack of sharing information in a readable and entertaining way, so that the subject does not seem too technical and boring.’
gift, talent, flair, genius, instinct, faculty, ability, capability, capađô thị, aptitude, aptness, bent, forte, facility, dexterity, adroitness, readiness, quickness, ingenuity, proficiency, expertness, competence