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‘He kept toward the centre of the street-lượt thích corridors và avoided getting too cthua kém to lớn the alleys, who knew what predator lurked in the darkness?’‘In the case of the Kalundu killing, the assailants must have sầu been lurking in the vicinity waiting for their victim.’‘A grove of crotons became a magical jungle where snakes và other exotic creatures lurked, waiting khổng lồ pounce.’‘We cut through open remains of stern cabins, the galley và engine room, working up to the wheelhouse, where a large grouper lurks behind the remains of the steering binnacle.’‘They planned their attachồng for when we all came baông xã from Vivienne"s funeral, lurking in wait in our respective sầu rooms.’‘Men were lurking around here, waiting for a xinh tươi lady khổng lồ walk by.’‘Whatever it was out there amongst the ferns, he didn"t know, but it was lurking, waiting.’‘I guess it"s always been there, lurking, waiting for the occasion khổng lồ show up.’‘Deer love to play by the sides of the roads, waiting and lurking for the unsuspecting oto khổng lồ travel by.’‘He could feel creatures all around hlặng, lurking, waiting to lớn sink their teeth and claws into his flesh.’‘And the truth was, the photographer might have sầu been lurking about waiting for such a photograph.’‘It was all too easy to imagine one saw the gleam of metal as Rlặng troops lurked in ambush.’‘As the name of the cất cánh suggests, tiger sharks lurk nearby, waiting for opportune times khổng lồ attaông chồng.’‘Until Sasquatch was cornered, Santee would lurk in the background waiting lớn strike.’‘They always lurk behind me, waiting with their jaws open, licking their lips.’‘Eyes lurked in the shadows waiting for the right moment lớn strike.’‘Trolling a large lure in mid-river was the undoing of the monster predator that was lurking in the deep section’‘Criminals, terrorists and sexual predators seem to lớn be lurking around every corner.’‘Surprises and plotters lurk along the road ahead waiting khổng lồ ambush hlặng.’‘The killer could have been lurking in the shadows, watching them.’
skulk, loiter, lie in wait, lie low, hide, conceal oneself, take cover, keep out of sight

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1.1(of an unpleasant quality) be present in a latent or barely discernible state, although still presenting a threat.
‘‘What an appetite you have,’ my sister said with acidity lurking beneath her kém chất lượng sweetness.’‘Neither Wheaton nor Fu đơn hàng directly with the issue of the noisiness in house prices, although it lurks beneath the surface of Fu"s Mã Sản Phẩm.’‘While unique is my priority, quantity is always lurking cchiến bại behind, lingering like an embarrassed little brother.’‘To outsiders this might appear to lớn be a perfect relationship, but danger can lurk beneath the calm surface.’‘Our personality develops under the shadows of a latent fear lurking behind us always.’‘A barely seen danger lurks just out of sight, becoming more bold with the approach of night fall.’‘It becomes a battle of wills between the cop & the crazy for the life of the girl, although lurking beneath such intimations of horror is a modicum of respect.’‘I have sầu to admit that when I first eyed the title of Walker"s memoir a measurable amount of suspicion lurked in my heart.’‘Incredibly, that"s only a third of it; the remainder lurks underneath the earth"s surface.’‘It is frankly difficult not khổng lồ smell like something, given the plethora of fragrances lurking in every hàng hóa.’‘And after so many years lurking mournfully in the shadows, who could deny Ford the chance to steal some of Daddy"s limelight?’‘It"s nice lớn have sầu that leeway, in case there are any bad days lurking.’‘Even if voters navigate those dangers, another shoal lurks beneath their bow.’‘She stopped, sighing and expelling an amount of tension lurking in her body.’‘It might also liberate some telling numbers already lurking in file drawers upstairs.’‘Although depression, anxiety and shame may lurk beneath the surface, what"s on the table is usually relationship problems.’‘Given the multitude of viruses lurking in animals, it will be impossible to breed germ không tính tiền ‘donors.’’‘In a neighbourhood overrun by gang warfare, violence lurks constantly beneath the surface, frequently spilling over khổng lồ the doorstep of the Macleans" cramped apartment.’‘And, on the odd occasion, she did get a glimpse of a violent temper lurking beneath the calm surface of his apparent good nature.’‘Even in the glory days of Hollywood, there was always scandal lurking just beneath the surface.’
‘They don"t read blogs, lurk in chatrooms or give sầu much weight lớn professional media critics.’‘The world is full of very lonely people, và it"s safe to assume that a lot of people lurking & talking in online chat rooms are among mỏi them.’‘I lurk on SIG listservs và go khổng lồ SIG websites to lớn get a picture of the issues being brought forward & discussed.’‘What I"m gonmãng cầu vì is collect a whole bunch of quotes from a few of the blogs I lurk around và read, & post "em all here with scant regard to their original context!’‘Can anyone recommkết thúc good forums for me to lớn lurk around?’‘I spotted this today in one of the many scary pregnancy forums I"ve been lurking in recently, & it made every hair on my body toàn thân st& on end.’‘If you"re new lớn a danh mục, it"s a good idea to lurk (read without writing anything back) for a day or two, just to get a feel for the flavor of the danh mục.’‘In checking my tin nhắn this morning, i was really disturbed by a message on a mailing các mục that i lurk.’‘I suspect that a lot more read the posts & lurk.’‘Tonight she was debating between lurking about chat rooms on the mạng internet or going khổng lồ a movie.’‘I guess Michael Powell has been lurking on some of these community WiFi mailing lists.’‘In his spare time he can be found writing at Whitespace và lurking in the CSS Vault.’‘Many of these were lurking in the Teen chat, or even Schools và Education categories.’‘Here"s the idea - lurk around on a few discussion boards and poach some of the good ideas you see there.’‘FR also has its chia sẻ of characters, whom you will begin khổng lồ notice if you lurk long enough.’‘He"d links & lurk, & occasionally carefully compose a question, & send the discussion inkhổng lồ the group and get an answer.’‘The cowardly cyber-stalkers và other anonymous yellow-bellied hatemongers who lurk on the Internet, preying on decent folks, can jolly well lump it.’‘We lurked on the gmail discussion list, posting pointed questions at opportune moments.’‘They grab tickets en masse for scalpers, lurk in chat rooms to lớn hvà out ads, skew recommendation systems, & scrape pricing data.’‘If you choose khổng lồ grant yourself the anonymity of a moniker whilst lurking on guestbooks, at least piông chồng something you can live sầu up to.’

Middle English perhaps from lower + the frequentative suffix -k (as in talk). The noun is from British slang lurk ‘method of fraud’.