THE MAGIC WORDSWriting Great Books for Children and Young Adults

by Cheryl B. Klein

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THE MAGIC WORDS: Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults

by Cheryl B. Klein

384 pp., $18.95

W. W. Norton

Released September 6, 2016


Great children’s và young adult novels offer their readers both wonderful outward adventures và stirring inward journeys. In The Magic Words, Cheryl B. Klein draws on fifteen years of experience as an editor to guide writers on an enjoyable & practical-minded journey of their own. She provides a complete overview of the writing, editing, & publication processes, from developing a saleable premise for a novel to lớn querying your dream agent. She also explains the differences in content và approach for middle-grade vs. young adult novels, và discusses vital contemporary topics in the field like self-publishing, world-building, and creating diverse characters. The book delves deep into the major elements of fiction—intention, character, plot, và style—while its original exercises, thought-provoking questions, & solid rules of thumb help writers apply its insights to their individual creative sầu work. With its generous tone & useful tools for story analysis and revision, The Magic Wordsis an essential handbook for writers of children’s and young adult fiction.

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Advance Praise for The Magic Words

The Magic Words manages lớn articulate, in clear & compelling language, what others rely on intuition lớn understvà. The result is a comprehensive & engaging examination of what readers will recognize to be true about the best novels―& yet have sầu never heard expressed.” ― Eliot Schrefer, two-time National Book Award nominee for Endangered and Threatened

“Inspiring, comprehensive, and insightful, The Magic Words ably fills a gaping hole on the shelves of developing và experienced writers alượt thích. An essential guide lớn the art and craft of writing for young readers.” ―Anne Ursu, author of The Real Boy & Breadcrumbs

Insightful, enlightening, và practical, The Magic Words is a book that belongs on every writer’s shelf. Loaded with concrete examples và specific strategies, it’s likely to end up dog-eared và well worn―that favorite book on craft that writers revisit again và again with each new project.” ― Kate Messner, author of The Seventh Wish & the Ranger in Time series

“What Cheryl B. Klein talks about when she talks about writing is what every aspiring children’s and young adult novelist needs to lớn hear. She offers generous insights, frank talk, nuts & bolts advice, editorial wisdom, and ample encouragement. The Magic Words is all the inspiration and guidance you’ll need to lớn get your novel started, và more importantly, to lớn get it finished.” ― John Dufresne, author of The Lie That Tells a Truth: A Guide khổng lồ Writing Fiction & I Don’t Like Where This Is Going)