For players just learning to fight in the world of Naruto, here are a few tips to help players claim victory.

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The Ultimate Ninja Storm series features some of the best anime fighting games around. No other franchise has received as many great games as Naruto, with Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 being a culmination of everything that the series had developed over time. Not only is the combat system as refined as can be, but the amazing cutscenes and faithful story mode make these games well worth a playthrough.

That being said, people who drop into this game without an inkling of how it works might start losing matches pretty quickly. This can be frustrating, but there are actually several ways that players can improve their skills in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 to the point where most major encounters become a piece of cake.

8 Dashing Should Be The Preferred Mode Of Movement


Dashing is one of the best ways to gain ground in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. A Chakra Dash is especially useful, allowing players to get into the faces of their opponents with ease before launching an absolute barrage of attacks.

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It might sound boring, but combat in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is so flashy that players won't get bored with dashing anytime soon. The other modes of mobility also need to be mastered if players wish to deal with enemies online as well.


The Ultimate Ninja Storm series is known for its high-budget cutscenes that really bring the anime's best moments to life. Players also have to engage in a bunch of quick-time events and nail most of them to see additional story content.

The same is the case in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, making this a pretty nifty way to stay attentive during these amazing moments. These quick-time events are actually pretty forgiving, and most people will unlock the extra scenes as long as they remain diligent.


The Substitution Jutsu is the bread-and-butter of most battles in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series. This jutsu ensures that players aren't caught in an enemy's offense for too long and can launch a counterattack with relative ease.

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That being said, keep in mind that the uses of this jutsu are limited to an extent. Going past this allotted substitution count will turn the player into a punching bag with no hope for escape!


Online Battles are easily one of the most challenging parts of Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, which is to be expected. People have been playing this game for years and refining their technique, and any beginner is definitely going to have a bad time.

With that in mind, it's better for players to learn the tricks of the trade over time before slowly dipping a toe or two into Online Battles. After all, a grasp of the basics is pretty essential to learning some of the more advanced techniques that players will need to pull off against the toughest fighters in the game.

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Ultimate Jutsu are some of the flashiest moves that players can pull off in this game. It requires a full Chakra bar and a well-timed attack that can spell doom for any player who gets caught in these powerful moves.

Ending a battle with this Ultimate Jutsu goes a long way in making battles cinematic and exciting. In the Story Mode, these finishes are downright necessary to get the best ranking for every mission.

Given the powerups that many characters have enjoyed over the course of Naruto, it's easy to see why Awakenings have become so popular. These upgraded states are a great way to change the flow of battle and dish some serious damage.

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These Awakenings should be saved for the most opportune moment around, especially due to the time constraints of most Awakenings. They can only be triggered once a player's health has been brought down quite a bit, which makes for a great way to change strategies and unleash some heat on the opposition.

Chakra is what makes the world go round in Naruto. So, it's no surprise that this source of energy plays a critical role in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 as well.

Considering the role that this energy plays, it's imperative to charge Chakra every single time players get a window to do so. Building this energy source up is critical to unleash certain powerful moves, including the Ultimate Jutsu that have already been discussed.

The worst feeling in the world is when players accumulate a ton of chakra and unleash a powerful Jutsu, only for the attack to miss an opponent by a hair's breadth. It's a frustrating feeling, and players are better off avoiding it by just being patient and seeking out the best time to strike.

This is especially true in the case of the Ultimate Jutsu, which is a downright crime to waste. When playing Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, players are better off reading their enemy's movements so that they can figure out at what point their vulnerability can be exposed.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is available for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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