RMIT University Ho Chi Minc City, Vietnam Master of Global Trade, Class of 2022 Co-sponsor: Unilever


Procurement Manager – Country Lead & Chemicals & FI Unilever, Ho Chi Minc City, Vietphái nam
“Through the objectives of the Master of Global Trade program, I aspire lớn grow my career and become a leader in my company and communities where I can lead & contribute more to lớn society.”

Scholar background

Based in Ho Chi Minc City, Vietnam, Ngo Kyên ổn Ngan is the Procurement Manager of Unilever Vietnam giới. Unilever is a well-known Fortune 500 company producing consumer goods. Her main duty covers sourcing và partnership relations management. Ngan leads the team of senior purchasers in chemical, packaging, supply chain service & kinh doanh business services.

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Ngan has been with Unilever for 12 years since she joined its management trainee program in 2008. This landed her the position of a Raw Material Supply Assistant Manager. She then moved to lớn its Singapore office as a Procurement Assistant Manager from 2013 khổng lồ năm ngoái, before serving managing positions in its procurement department in Vietnam.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Social Sciences và Humanity – HCMC Vietnam giới National University in 2008.

Personal statement

The multi resources offered by the Master of Global Trade program inspires me to lớn develop a new perspective sầu on global trade. I can combine my experience with technical và soft skills development through lectures, group projects và teamwork, guided by international practitioners & professors.

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These skills are essential for building and driving the transformation of global trade and value chains towards sustainability. It is also a privilege khổng lồ be part of the program which pioneers a new approach to curriculum development và learning through collaboration between the business sectors and the academe.

I adhere completely khổng lồ the objectives of the program: khổng lồ aspire, achieve our full potential, learn và engage in lifelong learning. Through this, I aspire to lớn grow my career & become a leader in my company and communities where I can lead và contribute more khổng lồ society.

While working in a global FMCG company & supplying essentials khổng lồ our beloved consumers, I will vị my part lớn help increase efficiency in the global trading network of Unilever to lớn achieve sustainable growth. 

It is my honor to lớn join Master of Global Trade under the Hinrich Foundation Global Trade Scholarship that can satisfy all I need for achieving my big purpose of dedicating my gained knowledge after graduated to lớn Unilever Procurement as well as supply chain competitive capability in this agile world.