used to lớn show that something is in a position above sầu something else & touching it, or that something is moving inlớn such a position:

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Học các từ bạn cần tiếp xúc một biện pháp sáng sủa.

The bells in the cloông xã tower ring every hour on the hour (= at exactly one o"clock, two o"cloông chồng, etc.).

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Do the police have sầu anything on you (= vì chưng they have any information about you that can be used against you)?
used khổng lồ show a person or thing that is necessary for something to lớn happen or that is the origin of something:
We don’t normally use at, on or in before time expressions beginning with each, every, next, last, some, this, that, one, any, all: …
into a bus, train, plane, etc., or in the correct position lớn start using some other method of travelling:
It"s amazing notoàn thân was injured because the two buses crashed head on (= the front parts of the buses hit each other).
UK It would be easier to lớn get the bookcase through the doorway if we turned it sideways on (= turned it so that one of its sides is at the front).
infml Someone who is on is either performing very well or is in a situation where the person must be aware of everything that is happening và be ready lớn act:
su, usato prima di un giorno della setimamãng cầu o di umãng cầu data per esprimere quanvị accade qualcosa, a…




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