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If vector graphics were used instead, it could be easily scalable and never lose data nor appear pixelated.
Initially, mainly profanity was bleeped and pixelated, but later episodes were bleeped for explicit language, sometimes to such an exit.
However, simulations of the resultant pixelated images assume that all electrodes on the implant are in contact with the desired retinal cell.
The video begins pixelated, but then slowly becomes clear to show a completely white room, with the instruments set up around the room.
The detectors consist of a planar cathode and a pixelated anode and are operated under a negative bias voltage.
A simple, pixelated style makes up the top screen, while the bottom screen has a pre-rendered, detailed art style.
With raster graphics, all icons need to be extremely high resolution, so as to not appear pixelated on higher resolution screens.
Close up, everything is blocky and pixelated, but even from far away the walls and textures look like big, chunky blocks.
The resulting choppy, pixelated imagery makes it appear as if the software that rendered the final video outputted a low-resolution, artifact-heavy product.

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Nearest-neighbor interpolation preserves these sharp edges, but it increases aliasing (or jaggies; where diagonal lines and curves appear pixelated).
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to feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you

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