Hanukah gave sầu Dana Salls Cree a chance khổng lồ try something new at Pretty Cool Ice Cream during a pandemic that’s forcing the food industry lớn move sầu in new directions. The Logan Square ice cream siêu thị rolled out special flavors lượt thích latke và noodle kugel: Eight flavors for the holiday’s eight nights.

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This gave sầu Jewish flavors that are overlooked a chance to shine in a different way, says Salls Cree. The importance of being seen within the food community is not lost on Salls Cree, who’s a former pastry chef at the Publican & Blackbird. Gourmet and nostalgic flavors have reigned at Pretty Cool, which opened in 2018 after the success of Hello, My Name is Ice Cream. The book’s become an essential guide for ice cream fans all over the country and Salls Cree wanted to keep the book’s branding for her store. She would instead discover that Lindt, the international chocolate conglomerate, held a trademark for potential ice cream products. Pivoting, she partnered with Bang Bang Pie’s Michael Ciapciak khổng lồ open Pretty Cool Ice Cream near the corner of Fullerton & California.

Plain Jain is a more affordable, every day kind of treat.
Ice cream sandwiches are among the new offerings.
Two years later, Salls Cree has figured out a creative sầu way she can have continuity with her book and navigate choppy legal waters. Next year — by ice cream season, she says — Salls Cree is launching a retail line for hard-to-find ice cream ingredients (lượt thích stabilizers) for the trang chính cook. This will remove barriers và encourage readers to lớn unleash their imaginations in coming up with their own recipes based on Salls Cree’s writings. She’s already been revamping the Hello My Name Is Ice Cream website in anticipation.

Dana Salls Cree plans on launching a virtual arm of her book in the spring. “My favorite part of it is that we’re using this fancy new label maker,” Salls Cree says. They’re using “Hello, My Name Is” labels & will have empty pint containers available khổng lồ complete the home page ice cream experience: “The trang chính ice cream maker just doesn’t have the access lớn the same containers we have sầu...it’s very đáng yêu.”

When it comes lớn her recipes, Salls Cree’s philosophy is similar to open-source software — she believes in giving it away to lớn anyone. Everyone saw how trang chủ bakers took to sourdough kits during the early stages of the pandemic. Why can’t Salls Cree encourage that type of excitement with ice cream? She’s turned part of her cửa hàng into lớn a video clip studio with plans to record cooking demos. There’s hope she can cultivate an ice cream-making community with customers showing off chất lượng creations using social truyền thông media.

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The balloon wall designed to thwart children. These are just some of the pandemic changes at Pretty Cool, where there’s now a giant balloon wall khổng lồ deter children from wandering around the space. The team has also introduced a new ice cream line. It’s more affordable compared to Pretty Cool’s regular line, Salls Cree says it’s more of an every day ice cream. It’s called Plain Jane & comes in flavors lượt thích vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. Pretty Cool also now sells hot cocoa, & Salls Cree they’ll also offer “Hot Tang” which is a spiced drink with cinnatháng, citrus, and cloves. Finally, Pretty Cool will introduce warm cookie delivery in early January.

Ice cream pies were big during Thanksgiving. One area that Pretty Cool won’t expand into lớn is street vending. Salls Cree says she’s sensitive khổng lồ appropriation issues (she was interviewed in November, before last week’s news involving Stephanie Izard). Pretty Cool’s initial focus was frozen treats on a stiông chồng, and that could have overlap with paletas, the Mexican-style popsicles.

“We basically said that is a revenue stream we won’t pursue because there are people in the community already who vày that and we don’t want lớn disrupt....they need this more than us,” Salls Cree says.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months.

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