I was talking with a frikết thúc of mine when she told me that "pretty sure" means something lượt thích "more or less sure". I"ve sầu always known that it meant "totally sure" và was astonished to lớn find this out.

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Thinking about it, I could not rethành viên why or how I learned the wrong meaning và looking on the Internet I found more people that thought the same before being corrected.

Edit: I bởi know that there is a question answering the meaning of the expression. What I"m trying khổng lồ find out with this one is the reason why some people lượt thích me learned the wrong meaning & was sure it was correct. Sorry if I wasn"t clear enough.

What could be the origin of such misunderstanding?

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Pretty sure does NOT mean totally sure - that"s to lớn say certain. If some people think differently, they"ve been misled.

Adding pretty is a way of hedging your bets when you express an opinion but want lớn leave yourself with a get-out in case you"re wrong.

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It"s equivalent to saying I"m almost sure.

I"m pretty sure I locked the door when we left

leaves you with room lớn apologise if you find out that you"re wrong

I"m totally sure (or **certain) commits you

Get it wrong and you may wchrissiemanby.com be in trouble.

You"re not the first khổng lồ ask the question on this site and may wchrissiemanby.com find it closed as the answer has previously been given. Best kiểm tra next time before you ask.

What does "I'm pretty sure" mean?

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