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‘Both begin to lớn doubt their sanity & their ability to stay any closer then 100 miles away from each other.’‘What a capacity khổng lồ maintain mental sanity in spite of pain & sadness.’‘Olivia and Adam pray that she does not participate in it, fearing for her health & sanity.’‘I tried to lớn assure her of my sanity & my health in all other aspects before continuing my little tale.’‘I would have doubted my own sanity at this point, if I were the doubting type.’‘Many jokes centred on the relative sanity of lawyers compared to lớn doctors.’‘However, he does admit there were times he doubted his own sanity.’‘On the outside, things were going well, but on the inside it was hard to maintain sanity & good personal relations.’‘It"s for this that I look at my friendship with Mona as an isl& of sanity in an otherwise crazy world.’‘Thankfully, we reached port with our innards if not our sanity intact.’‘This waterfall is just the latest drop where people have sầu questioned my sanity.’‘There are people in there who, by some miracle, have sầu regained their sanity.’‘As a parent, you must, for sanity"s sake, put the fear of your child being abducted out of your mind most of the time.’‘Watching too much of this garbage can push you over the edge of sanity.’‘Every week we sit & work hard, with music as our only comfort, maintaining our sanity as tempers flare.’‘It seems a stretch that a trained group of military personnel thất bại all sanity after only 28 days.’‘She was diagnosed as suffering from bipolar disorder and spent eight years clawing her way baông chồng khổng lồ sanity.’‘The one thing that provided sanity lớn a whole generation growing up in the backdrop of racial tension was music.’‘For our own sanity, if nothing else, we cannot really subscribe lớn such a misanthropic & nihilistic worldview.’‘Up until the time he left, he felt that his sanity was compromised as the job had lost all meaning for him.’
soundness of mind, mental health, mental faculties, balance, balance of mind, stability, reason, rationality, saneness, lucidity, lucidness, sense, senses, wits, normality, right-mindedness