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Bạn đang xem: Squint, definition and meaning


1no object Look at someone or something with one or both eyes partly closed in an attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction to lớn svào light.

‘I heard a humming and the dozen fluorescent lights started to flicker on & I blinked, squinting at the bright light.’‘Shading my eyes from the glare of the sun, I squinted to lớn see more clearly.’‘Though smiling, he was squinting hard in the strong light and looked distinctly uncomfortable.’‘Buddy squinted in an attempt lớn see clearly who she was talking with.’‘Around the moon was a huge coromãng cầu - a vast circle of light surrounded it - like a massive sầu, pale-xanh version of the effect that you get when you squint at a street light.’‘I have sầu to lớn squint, because the light makes my head hurt.’‘Miles stepped outside the cave sầu, squinting as the light of the midday sun temporarily blinded hyên.’‘Just then, the sun broke past the tree line; Lizzie & Jake squinted into lớn the sudden light.’‘The curtains in Gibbs" room are half open; she is squinting as though the light stings her eyes.’‘Dean awoke, squinting lớn the unaccustomed light.’‘He continued on, squinting through the blue light.’‘After squinting in an attempt to discern a couple of features to lớn make the object recognizable, he began walking swiftly towards it.’‘Sliding the door open, she winced at the bright light, squinting.’‘I pushed the covers away from my face, slowly, squinting into the light.’‘The images of his release, broadcast live around the world, show a man squinting inlớn the light as if blinded.’‘One holds up a briông chồng khổng lồ the light, and squinting, marks his name on one side.’‘I found her curled up under the basement stairwell, squinting in the dyên light at the pages of a book.’‘The three rise, squinting into lớn the search light & raising their hands.’‘The others were ready lớn go, standing slowly và squinting against the intense light.’‘She squinted in an attempt to lớn make out her surroundings, lớn find something familiar that would lead her home, the only place she was safe.’

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screw up one's eyes, narrow one's eyes, look through narrowed eyes, look with narrowed eyes, peer, blink
1.1with object Partly cthảm bại (one"s eyes) in an attempt to see more clearly or as a reaction lớn strong light.
‘Ivya grew closer & closer, squinting her eyes to make out the figure.’‘The door slammed closed & he squinted his eyes against the pain.’‘Stifling a cry, I squinted my eyes closed & bit my lower lip.’‘He hadn"t noticed how cthảm bại his face was khổng lồ the soft paper as he squinted his eyes to read the scripted writing.’‘Kalvin squinted his eyes at hlặng, reasoning out what he said và finally had to lớn agree.’‘He looks at Natasha, who squints her eyes và pouts, then laughs, hands on hips.’‘Grandmother looked up at the sky, squinting her eyes.’‘Is it true that you originally squinted your eyes because of nervousness?’‘But squint your eyes, screw up your face and study the glossy frames & you"ll find them fascinating.’‘If you load up 10 weblogs at random & squint your eyes at the screen, they all look about the same.’‘Thomas has now woken & groggily shifts around in his bed, squinting his eyes against the light, even though it"s dull.’‘It was like being in a dark room & having somebody turn the light on - we just squinted our eyes for a minute there.’‘She squints her eyes tight, holding baông chồng tears.’‘Cassie squints her eyes tightly khổng lồ try and make out the figure coming towards her.’‘He squints his eyes, trying to see as far ahead of hyên ổn as he can, but the car lights only go so far.’‘There was a rustle of straw in the corner of the chamber, illumined by a shaft of diffident sunlight that looked as though it had got up far too early, and a tousled head poked out, squinting bleary eyes inkhổng lồ the dusty gloom.’‘Deciding this act lớn be futile, he took a longer glance, squinting beady eyes in the dark, and gestured his yellow thumb in the direction of the door.’‘He was squinting his eyes that were filled with tears now.’‘Lucia had stepped out to the front steps of the school, squinting her eyes & scanning the area, obviously looking for me.’‘Angel looked up from the table he was sitting at, squinting his poor eyes through his thichồng lenses, to see who was walking in so early.’