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stenchful ˈstench-​fəl adjective sầu
stenchy ˈsten-​chē adjective

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the stench of rotting meat we finally discovered the dead rat that was causing the stench in the basement
Recent Examples on the Web Rather than the spectacle of queues of trucks outside Dover or empty British supermarket shelves, Brexit has instead brought the stench of pork rotting in Rotterdam và shellfish going off in its pallets. — The Economist, "Brexit and trade Delays khổng lồ fish & meat exports are not just teething problems," 23 Jan. 2021 Her evocation of Liverpool at that time is grainily exact, with its lurid pubs, grvà racketeering hotels, street violence, squalid poverty, garbage stench, rats, derelict houses and toughly resilient families. — Hermione Lee, WSJ, "Five sầu Best: Hermione Lee on Real Lives Reimagined," 15 Jan. 2021 The crew experienced bloody battles with bears, the stench of scurvy, và the dispiriting blackness of the polar winter và their struggle with hunger as supplies dwindled. — Richard Schiffman, The Christian Science Monitor, "Dutch explorers courted disaster in efforts to find a Northwest Passage," 8 Jan. 2021 Fortunately for the Bears, the stench, the sting & the pain have sầu dissipated since that Week 12 meeting. — Dan Wiederer, chicagotribune.com, "‘Not a lot of sleep this week’: For Chuông chồng Pagano and the Chicago Bears defense, slowing Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers will be a monumental challenge," 1 Jan. 2021 The stench from swimming in this toxic administration"s swamp will not wash off. — Arkansas Online, "OPINION | ROLAND ROBINSON: Trust in institutions is needed," 7 Dec. 2020 Unlượt thích tile và hardwood floors, plush carpets absorb stench lượt thích no other, especially after countless food spills và pet messes. — Amandomain authority Garrity, Good Housekeeping, "How lớn Make Your House Smell Good (Okay, Amazing) All the Time," 22 Jan. 2021 In April, neighbors complained of a stench coming out of a U-Haul and a trailer-truông chồng in front of Mr. Cleckley’s funeral home page. — Thành Phố New York Times, "N.Y. Shuts Funeral trang chủ Where Dozens of Bodies Were Found in Trucks," 18 Nov. 20đôi mươi Having always wanted lớn work with Bale after the whole Batman business, Nolan ignores the stench of Superman Returns and signs hyên ổn lớn play the rival magician. — Joe Reid, Vulture, "What Happens in the Mirror Universe Where Darren Aronofsky Made Batman Instead of Christopher Nolan?," 12 Jan. 2021

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History và Etymology for stench

Middle English, from Old English stenc; akin to lớn Old English stincan lớn emit a smell — more at stink