step off

1. Literally, khổng lồ take steps down from and off of something. Step off that table before you fall and craông chồng your head open! I recognized her the moment she stepped off of the train.2. To achieve an approximate measurement of some distance by counting the number of steps it takes to lớn traverse it. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "step" & "off." My foot is almost exactly 12 inches in length, so I can just step off the border of the fence and we"ll get a pretty cthua kém guess as to how long it needs to be. Step the width of this room off to lớn see if the mattress will even fit in here.3. slang To stop interfering or involving oneself with someone or something; to lớn get away from someone or something. Used almost exclusively as an imperative sầu. Step off, man, this is none of your business. You"d better step off right now before I knock your lights out.See also: off, step

step something off

khổng lồ measure a distance by counting the paces required to lớn cover it. she stepped the distance off & noted it on her pad. Liz stepped off the number of feet from the window khổng lồ the opposite wall.See also: off, step

step off (of) something

to leave something elevated with one"s first step. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) she stepped off the bottom step and walked down the street.

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Tony stepped off of the bank and waded across the stream.See also: off, step

step off

khổng lồ come off something by taking a step. she came to the bottom step & stepped off. Ed was afraid khổng lồ dive sầu in from the side of the pool, so he just stepped off.See also: off, step

step off

v.1. To take a step so that one is no longer on something: The politician stepped off the plane & waved to lớn the crowd.2. Slang To leave someone or something alone. Used chiefly as a command: Step off—I saw that cloông chồng first, và I"m going lớn buy it!See also: off, stepSee also:

step off

to lớn bachồng away from a confrontation

step off|step

v. 1. To walk or march quickly. The drum major lowered his baton & the b& stepped off. 2. or pace off. To measure by taking a series of steps in a line. The farmer stepped off the edge of the field to lớn see how much fencing he would need. The referee stepped off a five-yard penalty against our team.
step (it) up a gear step all over (one) step aside step baông chồng step baông chồng on step bachồng on (something) step between step between (someone or something) step by step step down step forward step in step in the right direction, a step inside step inkhổng lồ step inkhổng lồ (someone's) boots step inkhổng lồ (someone's) shoes step inlớn (something) step inkhổng lồ dead men's shoes step into lớn shoes step inkhổng lồ somebody's shoes step into someone's boots step into lớn someone's shoes step inkhổng lồ the breach step it up step off step off on the wrong foot step off the curb step on step on (one's) toes step on a craông xã, break your mother's back step on it Step on it! step on someone's toes step on the gas step on toes step out step out into step out into lớn (some place) step out of (something or some place) (and) into lớn (some place) step out of line step out on someone step outside step over step right up step right up to (someone or something) step things up step khổng lồ (one) step to it step up step up (one's) game steer clear of stem the tide step all over step down step in step inside step into lớn step into one"s shoes step off step on it step on one"s toes step out step out on step up stepped up sterling character stew in one"s own juice
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