(the study of) the relationship between the quantities of substances involved in a chemical reaction & the substances that are produced as a result of that chemical reaction:

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We can find the stoichiometry of a reaction if we know the amounts of each reactant that react together và the amounts of each hàng hóa formed.

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It was found that the Mã Sản Phẩm agreed with the numerical calculations to within 40%, for a number of fuel-oxidizer mixtures over a wide range of stoichiometries.
Upon polymerization of - and -tubulin isotype 2 inkhổng lồ microtubules the stoichiometry of binding increased khổng lồ 2 : 1 (mebendazole : tubulin) while binding affinity remained the same.
The efficiency of drug loading và uptake per cell-binding event is comparatively lower in these types of simple conjugates as the stoichiometry of ligand to lớn drug is 1:1.
In particular, we are employing the perspective sầu of ecological stoichiometry to lớn assess the impacts of phosphorus supply on stromatolite-forming cyanobacterial-diatom mats & on their grazers, locally endemic hydrobiid snails.
Iron oxides belong to lớn the most abundant mineral family & occur with a variety of stoichiometries, structures and properties.
The stoichiometry of the exact reaction will depkết thúc on the nature of the organic matter involved, here assumed khổng lồ be saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon.
Assembly of the inhibitory glycine receptor: identification of amino acid sequence motifs governing subunit stoichiometry.
Here, the stoichiometry of chemical complexation and physical formulation may affect cellular uptake.
This is obviously a question where ecological stoichiometry has direct relevance and there is a large oceanographic literature related to these issues.
The framework of biological stoichiometry may serve sầu as one medium for such interdisciplinary cross-talk.

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I will argue that biological stoichiometry offers considerable promise to help produce a more coherent picture in the rapidly evolving world of astrobiology.
Intermediates in the chaperonin-assisted refolding of rhodanese are trapped at low temperature & show a small stoichiometry.
During the past decade ecological stoichiometry has shed considerable light on the ways that food webs function in the modern world.
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