Strawberry blonde is one of those hair colors that makes you want khổng lồ stare. Is it red? Is it blonde? Honey, it's both. The shade falls somewhere in between, perfect for the indecisive và daring alượt thích. Best of all, it's a flattering color family for numerous skin tones as well because it comes in a range of hues. Strawberry blonde contains varying amounts of gold & copper tones, so colorist Chad Kenyon says it's important khổng lồ be as specific as possible when requesting your dream shade at the salon tóc. "I have my clients show me a minimum of three hair-color photos they lượt thích as well as three they vị not like," he says. Fortunately for you, we've got 14 khổng lồ choose from — but you'll probably love them all. Just in time for summer (the perfect occasion for a color switch-up), we've rounded up some inspiration from the stars, serving up refreshing strawberry blonde looks on a range of skin tones.

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Emma Stone: Vibrant Copper

Emma Stone has sported a number of fiery shades throughout the years, & one that she often comes back to is strawberry blonde. “Highly-dimensional strawberry colors are such a great way to make them young & fresh,” says Rachel Bodt, colorist at The Red Door Salon và Spa in New York City. “Her base color is absolutely perfect with her porcelain skin because it doesn’t wash her out và doesn’t blover in too much.” The subtle blonde ends add a lot of dimension và movement that help accentuate the base.


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Emma Roberts: Rosy

This hue works well on Emma Roberts because it has the perfect combination of rose và gold. "Having a good mix of gold within a strawberry color allows it khổng lồ appear more natural while leaving a bit of the original color at the root area," says Tiffanie Richards, a colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City. "Too much of a strawberry hue on the mid-lengths và ends tends to look extremely nhái on a naturally ash-colored root."


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Viola Davis: Auburn Base

To complement Viola Davis's rich skin tone, any strawberry blonde color needs to be anchored by a deeper hue. Here, the actress has an auburn base to her color, và you can see the strawberry blonde tones start to appear as you move sầu away from the roots. The neutral tones in Davis's hair make it a more wearable shade. "This color is great on her skin tone because it complements her warm undertones & brightens up her eyes," says Stephanie Brown, colorist at IGK Soho in Thủ đô New York City. "It also works well with the texture of her hair, and since it is short & , she only has slight variations in the color.” It is almost lượt thích an ombré: dark at the roots & lighter toward the ends.


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Leslie Mann: Reddish Honey Blonde

It's hard to lớn imagine Leslie Mann with any hair color that isn't strawberry blonde. The golden coppery tones in her ombré hair enhance the honey base, creating a warm hue. "She has a neutral skin tone with little pink undertones — the strawberry blonde color works well on her because it makes her skin lightly flushed like she’s wearing blush,” says Brown. “The reddish color also complements her xanh eyes và makes them .” Texture-wise, the red ombré works in her favor as it adds dimension, making her hair appear fuller.


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Ola Ray: Apricot Blonde

Colorist Rita Hazan calls this hair color "apricot blonde," but it definitely falls in the strawberry blonde family. The darker base against Ola's skin combined with the golden tones in her hair balances the overall shade. The result? More depth và dimension. “She has a lot of beautiful hair, so it’s important khổng lồ maintain và keep it hydrated with a sản phẩm such as the Moroccanoil Protect and Prevent Spray,” says Hazan. “It conditions the hair while preventing her color from fading."

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Queen Latifah: Chocolate Strawberry Blonde

Here, Queen Latifah lets the strawberry blonde hue complement the dark base she's working with. "At the roots, you can see a rich, almost chocolate base color with toffee, caramel, & honey hues swirling about inlớn warmly conjured perfection," says Kenyon. The variation of dark, medium, and light colors plays nicely as well. "This multi-tonal warmth helps push light toward her face. I approach hair color from the perspective sầu of a makeup artist, so for me, it’s all about illumination."

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Isla Fisher: Ginger Blonde

As Isla’s skin is pale yet warm, this is the perfect hair shade for her, notes Hazan. "Her hair texture is fine, but because she has a lot of it, the movement of the multi-dimensional color really shows,” she says. To revive sầu the color while intensifying shine, reach for the Kristin Ess Signature Gloss in Copper Penny.

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Kiernan Shipka: Dark Strawberry Blonde

This shade is on the darker kết thúc of the strawberry blonde spectrum. It’s particularly flattering on Kiernan Shipka because of the depth, which doesn’t read too brassy or too orangey. When it comes khổng lồ dyed hair, color-safe shampoos and conditioners (và better yet, sulfate-không tính phí formulas) are a must. “Reds tend to lớn thua kém color và fade quicker,” notes Brown, who recommends Hot Girls by IGK, Olaplex No. 4 & No. 5, & SheaMoisture Moisture Retention shampoo & conditioner. As for masks, try a super moisturizing one lượt thích the Reader's Choice Award-winning Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioner.

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Elisabeth Moss: Sunny Delight

Here, The Handmaid's Tale star had a sunny, more orange shade of strawberry blonde, which makes for a great transitional color. “When going from brunette or red khổng lồ blonde, this color is the most achievable without damaging your hair for a one-shot makeover,” says Richards. “Her eyebrows work well on her skin tone because her colorist or brow speciadanh mục did an amazing job matching them lớn her hair.” Having dark or ashy-toned eyebrows could clash with this hair color and skin tone.

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Nicki Minaj: Strawberry lớn Pinkberry

Is there a hair color that Nicki Minaj hasn't tried? Although this shade is pinker than anything else, it still falls into lớn the strawberry blonde category at the roots. Take a closer look & you'll see the musician’s hair is a more golden shade of blonde, transitioning into lớn a vibrant strawberry pink.

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Laura Dern: Highlights Throughout

The Big Little Lies star has a hair color similar lớn Leslie Mann’s, but this one is more of a highlighted look rather than an ombré. “As we get older, some people choose to lớn go a little lighter with their hair color because darker colors tkết thúc to accentuate fine lines,” says Brown. Strawberry blonde, on the other h&, is still light but has more depth and color than classic blonde does. “I think this is a great change for Laura, as it works really well with her skin tone,” she says. “It brightens her up, doesn’t wash her out, & makes her eyes st& out.” Since she has thicker hair, the thin highlights work well khổng lồ add definition.

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Amy Adams: Golden Red Sheen

“Amy’s eye color in this phokhổng lồ appears to lớn be almost 3-D, largely due lớn the fact that her strawberry blonde is a golden color with glimmerings of brighter blonde on the ends & outlining the faces frame,” says Kenyon. “My eye is first drawn to the textured bits of her hair, but if you look closely, the smoother bits & the top are equally delectable.”

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Kelis: 24-Karat Golden Blonde

This throwbachồng phokhổng lồ of Kelis from 2006 goes to lớn show that strawberry blonde hair is dope in any decade. “Her hair texture is coarse, so staying warm blonde helps keep her hair healthy, bright, and damage-miễn phí,” says Hazan. “It’s a fun và rich color that is great for darker skin tones without looking nhái.” To ensure the blonde color stays looking in tip-top 24-karat shape, try the Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo and Cicaflash Conditioner.

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Kasey Hill: Au Naturale Look

“Strawberry blonde is such an amazing color for any skin tone with freckles,” says Richards. “The warmth in the hair color surprisingly accentuates freckles, creating an overall warmer skin tone. This even applies to those who are naturally very pale.” Whether it’s her natural hair color or not, Hill's shade gives off a pure, dye-miễn phí appearance.

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