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Bạn đang xem: Sway, definition and meaning

‘wind rattled & swayed the trees’‘Guitarist McGarvey sways backwards and forwards on his wah-wah pedal as the nine-piece bvà with full horn section segues seamlessly from Shaft khổng lồ Bullitt.’‘When the length of the sentence was then announced, Coltman appeared visibly stunned, swaying backwards và forwards.’‘The lanterns were loosely hanging on strings through the cherry trees, slowly swaying in the gentle breeze.’‘The tree limbs above them swayed as the feet slowly descended, branch by branch, until they hit the ground with a barely a sound.’‘For instance, rather than keeping your torso rigid during barbell curls, you can sway backward & then forward as you curl the weight upward.’‘Apparently the object began khổng lồ sway backwards và forwards as if it were searching for something.’‘She laughed easily và sauntered away slowly, her hips swaying seductively as she moved.’‘She sat on the swing và she swayed it backwards then forwards.’‘It wriggled slightly under her touch, swaying from side to lớn side.’‘The Caribbean rhythms; the soca, the pan, the drum were causing bodies to gyrate and shake và move & sway và jump and sweat.’‘Each has a tiny bulb fixed on so loosely that when it gets hot it sways from side lớn side và appears khổng lồ flicker.’‘‘When I arrived the oto was still swaying on its side,’ he said.’‘This helicopter was flying dangerously low over the tree tops, swaying and swinging, turning around và swooping over again.’‘Produced by Rajeev Menon, the commercial shoot had Rani & her team ambling và swaying in the domestic side of the airport"s terminal building.’‘Mr Baker-Smith told the inquest that he then went lớn a nearby shop-taking Mr Stooke with hlặng & as they walked, he was swaying from side lớn side và bumping inlớn hyên ổn.’‘The song"s pounding rhythm had ceased & there was Maggie, walking away, off the dance floor, with her midi dress swaying as she moved.’‘Afterwards, dozens of models appeared, nhảy đầm dynamically or swaying slowly, depending on the theme.’‘Huge rings of happy dancers sway from side khổng lồ side, each circle surrounding the one inside of it until the main square is filled lớn capacity.’‘Southend Crown Court heard how his vehicle hit a pothole which caused it to lớn sway from side to lớn side before tipping over và trapping his leg.’‘I heard trees swaying with the wind beyond the buildings.’

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swing, shake, oscillate, rock, undulate, move sầu from side lớn side, move sầu khổng lồ & fro, move sầu back and forth
waver, fluctuate, vacillate, oscillate, alternate, vary, see-saw, yo-yo, equivocate, hesitate, shilly-shally, go from one extreme khổng lồ the other