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Bạn đang xem: Definition of take advantage of in english


1Make unfair demands on (someone) who cannot or will not resist; exploit or make unfair use of for one"s own benefit.

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‘It was more likely that they were simply taking advantage of, exploiting, if you will, mistakes that had been made by others và that had gone undetected.’‘In other words, he is taking advantage of, or exploiting, the local people và their customs in the furtherance of his own career.’‘Foreign investors want to lớn take advantage of all the benefits above.’‘And while I definitely took advantage of the college benefits, that"s not the motivation.’‘The reforms are designed to save the National Health Service, not lớn scrap it, by supposedly making it more efficient and taking advantage of the benefits of private sector efficiency.’‘And that means thành phố businesses are being blocked from taking advantage of benefits enjoyed by many of their competitors.’‘A lifestyle that takes advantage of the health benefits of wine is proving lớn be a particularly good fit for women.’‘They want to take advantage of all benefits that both Korea and US offer their citizens.’‘I took advantage of this benefit và exercised three or four days a week, losing 10 pounds in six months.’‘‘The cost of goods on the market has also gone up as people are taking advantage of the shortage khổng lồ exploit consumers,’ he said.’‘Central Floridomain authority amusement parks & tourist attractions benefited from more visitors taking advantage of deals & discounts.’‘Almost 3500 members are currently taking advantage of this benefit.’‘Furthermore, his libretlớn takes advantage of one benefit that opera has over the novel: music can allow several things to happen at the same time.’‘It takes about six days for a hacker to lớn create an exploit that takes advantage of an announced vulnerability.’‘How easy was it for writers khổng lồ take advantage of the financial benefits that the sales of printed books seemed to offer to them?’‘He is calling on industry to lớn take advantage of the benefits of the third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ program.’‘The Jacksonville University employee takes advantage of a benefit and gets her degree.’‘So they"re taking advantage of that situation và benefiting in some cases very significantly as a result of this deliberate strategy.’‘This gave sầu her a sort of freedom that she took advantage of, but did not exploit.’‘Are you being charged a monthly fee for ‘benefits’ that you rarely or never take advantage of?’
exploit, abuse, impose on, prey on, play on, misuse, ill-treat, bleed, suck dry, squeeze, wring, enslave sầu, treat unfairly, withhold rights from