I have always spelt it with an ie. Now I am being told by Microsoft Word that my spelling is incorrect & should use a y. Google seems to largely agree with Word... one of the top hits is this forums thread:

tieing instead of tying

which in summary, is the same question as I am, but without the bias I have sầu. The answers all seem to suggest that everyone thinks the ie spelling is valid but weird.

Bạn đang xem: Definition of tieing meaning, which is correct, tying or tieing

I thought I would ask the experts...

Is there any distinction?Is it possible that the ie is a UK spelling and y is US?
american-chrissiemanby.com orthography
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There is no entry in the Oxford chrissiemanby.com dictionary for tieing in American or British chrissiemanby.com.https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/spellcheck/chrissiemanby.com/?q=tieingAlthough tieing does (as shown in the Ngram graph cited by Sven Yargs above) exist as a rare alternative sầu spelling it is not recognized by dictionaries. In the oxford dictionary"s entry for tying there is no mention of the alternative "tieing".

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