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tobi: we have 6 of the jinchuriki we just need the last 3

sasuke, sweating: you don’t have the 9 tails yet right


He said he can’t see Sasuke live sầu in Konoha because of the things that went down between hyên ổn và the village, & he also said he relates khổng lồ Sasuke’s unforgiveness because he also wouldn’t be able to forgive sầu if someone murdered his family. So it seems he does think what happened to lớn Sasuke was unfair & he deserves sympathy. Orochimaru also roasted Tobirama for his comments about the Uchiha và Minakhổng lồ wondered if he could have prevented the Uchiha massacre if he hadn’t died. Narulớn also didn’t seem lớn care about Konoha’s honor but was about lớn tell about it lớn his friends.

That being said, he lost the love he had for his series long time ago, and ended up writing what SJ/fans would want, instead of writing true to the series. I wasn’t even surprised to learn he said many of his ideas were also scratched for being “unshonen” & that he thinks Naruto’s way of dealing with things is pretty naive and idealistic, if you constantly have sầu khổng lồ bkết thúc your writing lớn something that doesn’t come naturally it’s hard to keep motivation intact. He said he dropped Sasuke’s plot line & that’s pretty much dooming the series. Most logical would be for Naruto lớn and Sasuke to lớn compromise, but because Naruto turned inkhổng lồ more DBZesque Narukhổng lồ as a protag has khổng lồ win & Sasuke has to thua thảm (and yet the actual fight had to lớn be a tie… hah it shows how in his mind they are still equals). During the war arc, you can just tell he didn’t care, he killed Neji for NH, he kept shading many of the characters like Sakura or Sai và just waiting to get khổng lồ the last fight. Many fans said chapter 698 felt lượt thích a chapter he actually wanted khổng lồ write. And I think it’s true.

I remember someone said she asked hyên ổn on a bé after the ending on handshaking line, did you always plan this ending? And he said “I always planned for Narulớn and Sasuke to reconcile.” She said he didn’t mention anything else aside from that, not chapter 700 và so, he also seemed kinda tired & humble. I think that’s what he really cared about in the kết thúc, which is why he also mentioned the panel of Naruto lớn và Sasuke with their blood connecting and Sasuke calling Narulớn usuratonkabỏ ra was his favorite panel.

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