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Bạn đang xem: Vacuum, definition and meaning


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‘Since by definition it contains no matter, the vacuum of space itself has NO temperature.’
‘They operate like any rocket engine in the vacuum of space, by propelling gases in one direction to create an opposite and equal force on the craft.’‘I am curious as khổng lồ exactly when scientists found out that space is a vacuum & not made up of ether?’‘A jet engine requires oxygene from the atmosphere for combustion, and so cannot operate in the vacuum of space.’‘Operating in the near vacuum of space, ion engines shoot out the propellant gas much faster than the jet of a chemical rocket.’‘Radiation, for example, is the only method by which internal energy can be transferred through a vacuum.’‘One doesn"t determine the temperature of a vacuum.’‘He conceived of the Void as a vacuum, an infinite space in which moved an infinite number of atoms that made up Being.’‘The absence of light, a void, a vacuum, nothingness is so extraordinary that it can only be part of the pre-creation world.’‘Studying the plasma, scientists could expose the fundamental nature of matter and the vacuum that permeates the cosmos.’‘He suggested that in the first split second after the beginning, the vacuum of the Universe existed in a highly energetic state, as allowed by the quantum rules, but unstable.’‘Not only was the cosmos expanding, but a repulsive sầu pressure within the vacuum of space was also causing the expansion to accelerate.’‘Dangers in the lunar environment include radiation, extreme temperatures, và the vacuum of space.’‘In the old days of classical mechanics the idea of a vacuum was simple.’‘The vacuum triggers dark energy lớn materialize inkhổng lồ matter & radiation in another Big Bang, refreshing the cycle of expansion.’‘Just as nature is said lớn abhor a vacuum, it abhors true altruism.’‘In the near vacuum of space, they travel along together.’‘A vacuum, which is not spatial, that is, a vacuum which does not even contain space, does not exist, and has never existed!’‘The expansion of helium into a vacuum corresponds lớn a significant change in entropy but khổng lồ a trivial change in energy.’‘Cass is a physicist who wants the final confirmation of the theory by creating a perfect vacuum, the conditions under which the original Big Bang occurred.’