The Yes You Can diet is a popular weight loss plan that uses daily meal replacement shakes và dietary supplements.

It’s marketed to lớn help you achieve sầu your igiảm giá weight và live sầu a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying some of your favorite foods.

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Still, you may wonder whether this diet really works.

This article takes an objective sầu look at the Yes You Can diet & its effects on weight loss & health.

DIET REVIEW SCORECARDOverall score: 1.5Weight loss: 1.5Healthy eating: 2.5Sustainability: 2Whole toàn thân health: 0.25Nutrition quality: 1.25Evidence based: 1.5

BOTTOM LINE: The Yes You Can diet, which relies on supplements and meal-replacement shakes, may be convenient for short-term weight loss. However, it’s very restrictive, low-calorie, và expensive sầu. It has also not been extensively studied.

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What is the Yes You Can diet?
The Yes You Can diet is a partial meal replacement plan that includes shakes & dietary supplements sold through the company’s website.

The system was created by Alejandro Chaban who founded the company in 2012 after losing 160 pounds (73 kg) using similar weight loss methods.

The products are marketed as “clinically proven” lớn help you thua weight. They can be purchased individually or in bundled packages.

Their most popular bundle is a 30-day supply of shakes and supplements called “Transsize Kit: On The Go 60,” which includes:

Complete Meal Replacement. Two canisters (30 servings) of fortified powder for making shakes. Each serving provides 200 calories and trăng tròn grams of milk-based protein along with 21 essential vitamins & minerals.Appetite Support. 30 capsules containing a blkết thúc of herbs, chromium, & amino acids claimed to decrease hunger và reduce food intake.Colon Optimizer. 30 probiotic and herbal supplement capsules advertised to lớn help promote a healthy gut & prevent gas & bloating.Nutrition Guide. A nutrition and lifestyle guidebook that tells you what, when, and how much khổng lồ eat.Heart Band. A heart-shaped bracelet with instructions to lớn give sầu yourself a snap on the wrist when negative thoughts about “junk food, doubt, & fear” overshadow your goals.Summary

The Yes You Can diet is built around low-calorie meal replacement shakes & dietary supplements. It’s advertised lớn help you đại bại weight và live a healthier lifestyle.

How does it work?

The Yes You Can diet works by substituting one khổng lồ two main meals each day with a fortified shake. It also recommends that you take daily dietary supplements và follow the Traffic Light Diet for your remaining meals & snacks.

Meal replacement shakes

Yes You Can meal replacement shakes are low in calories và high in protein.

A single serving of the meal replacement powder provides 200 calories, 15 grams of carbs, 7 grams of fat, và trăng tròn grams of protein.

For most, this is a significantly lighter meal than usual. Thus, the shakes may lead to weight loss by restricting calories.

Indeed, many studies have demonstrated that meal replacement shakes can be an effective approach khổng lồ losing weight (1, 2, 3).

However, no published studies exist on the Yes You Can shakes specifically.

Dietary supplements

The Yes You Can plan includes four dietary supplements, advertised khổng lồ “help you through your transformation.”

When taken daily, these weight loss supplements are intended khổng lồ boost your metabolism, curb hunger, promote a healthy gut, và revitalize hair, skin, & nails.

While studies on these particular supplements are unavailable, retìm kiếm supports a few of their main ingredients.

For example, some studies suggest that green tea extract — found in the Sllặng Down supplement — may lead khổng lồ significant weight loss và help with weight maintenance, though findings are mixed (4, 5).

Traffic Light Diet

The Yes You Can weight loss plan includes a nutrition guide lớn complement the meal replacement shakes và supplements.

The guide explains portion sizes and how khổng lồ follow a Traffic Light Diet.

The Traffic Light Diet originated in the 1970s, lớn help address the rising rates of childhood obesity. Since then, it’s been adopted by many weight loss programs, including Yes You Can (6, 7).

The concept is straightforward. Foods are divided into three categories:

Yellow foods. These are foods you can eat from time to time. For example, refined grains, eggs, và low-fat dairy products.Green foods. These are foods you can eat often. For example, whole grains, lean meat, poultry, fish, & most fresh fruits & vegetables.

Studies have shown that the original traffic light diet may be useful for weight management in children, but research is lacking on how effective sầu it is for adults (6).

Also, no studies have evaluated the Yes You Can version of the diet.


The Yes You Can diet replaces one to lớn two meals a day with low-calorie shakes & weight loss supplements. It also follows a portion-controlled Traffic Light Diet for remaining meals & snacks.

Reducing calorie intake is key to losing weight, but it can be difficult in an environment filled with enticing, high-energy foods.

No studies exist on Yes You Can shakes. However, retìm kiếm suggests that meal replacement shakes may help you thua và maintain weight by controlling portion sizes, creating a calorie deficit, & keeping you full with fewer calories (3, 7).

In one 12-week study, 45 dieters lost an average of 11 pounds (5 kg) by replacing 2 meals per day with healthy meal replacement shakes (1).

In another study, individuals lost an average of 25 pounds (11 kg) while following a calorie-restricted diet involving 2 meal replacement shakes each day for 16 weeks (8).

Also, a thorough Đánh Giá of six studies demonstrated that meal replacement beverages may be more effective than traditional, low-calorie food-based diets.

The reviews found that dieters using daily meal replacement beverages lost 7–8% of their body toàn thân weight compared lớn 3–7% on a traditional, low-calorie diet (9).


The Yes You Can diet may lead khổng lồ weight loss by controlling portion sizes and reducing overall calorie intake.

The Yes You Can diet may have some benefits besides helping you thất bại weight.

Convenient & portable

Yes You Can products can be ordered from the website & shipped straight lớn your door.

Since you only need khổng lồ add water, the shakes are easy to lớn make and particularly convenient if you live sầu a busy lifestyle.

Plus, they’re portable. Having a Yes You Can shake on h& may keep you from grabbing something unhealthy or calorie-dense while on the go.

On the downside, relying on shakes may hinder you from developing lifelong, healthy habits, such as cooking and planning nutritious options for busy days.

Therefore, you may go back lớn old, unsuccessful habits as soon as you’re off the diet.

May help boost Vi-Ta-Min và mineral intake while dieting

When you’re on a low-calorie diet, it can be challenging khổng lồ get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy (10).

Yes You Can meal replacement shakes are fortified with 21 vitamins and minerals, including Vi-Ta-Min D and iron — two nutrients people are commonly deficient in (11, 12).

However, the shakes laông chồng certain essential nutrients, such as calcium & potassium.

In fact, a single serving of the meal replacement powder provides only 8% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for calcium và only 2% of the RDI for potassium.

This means your remaining meals & snacks must be very rich in calcium và potassium, or you have khổng lồ purchase và take yet another supplement to lớn avoid nutrient deficiencies.


Yes You Can is a promising diet solution for busy individuals. The shakes are convenient, portable, and provide 21 essential vitamins & minerals, which may be lacking in your diet. Still, it may be low in other nutrients, like calcium and potassium.

Although the Yes You Can diet may help you thua thảm weight, the plan does have sầu several disadvantages.

May be difficult lớn stichồng to

The Yes You Can diet plan may help with quick weight loss but may be difficult to stick to in the long term, as it’s highly restrictive.

Not only are you limited to lớn meal replacement shakes for one to two meals each day, but the plan pushes a restrictive version of the Traffic Light Diet for your remaining meals.

This diet eliminates many foods, including some healthy options lượt thích banamãng cầu & mango.

Also, studies suggest that meal replacement diets may be hard lớn adhere to (1, 2).

For example, 49% of participants dropped out of a 12-week study that replaced breakfast và lunch with a beverage (1).

Products are highly processed

Yes You Can shakes are highly processed and may not be the best option for overall health.

Though the shakes are fortified with 21 essential nutrients, they can’t compare to the benefits of a wholesome, food-based diet.

Whole foods offer much more than what is listed on any nutrition label.

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Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, & legumes contain plant compounds that have been linked lớn many health benefits, including a reduced risk of many chronic diseases (13).

Uses multimàn chơi sale to sell products

Using a multimàn chơi sale strategy, Yes You Can coaches purchase products at a discount & sell them bachồng lớn you directly for profit.

According lớn the trang web, coaches also provide one-on-one guidance and support.

This can be dangerous since there’s no guarantee that these coaches have any formal training in nutrition, health, or counseling.


The Yes You Can diet may be difficult khổng lồ stiông xã to lớn and is based on highly processed products that can’t compare to the benefits of real, wholesome food. Also, coaches within the company may not be qualified to lớn provide health advice.

According lớn the Yes You Can diet plan, your day should include five meals, spaced evenly throughout the day.

One to two of your main meals should be a Yes You Can meal replacement shake, while your remaining meals & snacks should follow the plan’s nutrition guidelines.

Here’s a sample 3-day meal plan:

Day one

Breakfast. One serving of a Complete Meal Replacement shake and one capsule each of Slyên Down, Appetite Support, Collagene, & Colon Optimizer.Lunch. Chicken fajitas with bell peppers and two flour tortillas.Snachồng. Tuna salad with celery sticks.Dinner. One serving of a Complete Meal Replacement shake.

Day two

Breakfast. One serving of a Complete Meal Replacement shake & one capsule each of Slyên Down, Appetite Support, Collagene, and Colon Optimizer.Lunch. One serving of a Complete Meal Replacement shake.Snaông xã. Chicken salad with cucumber slices.Dinner. Shrimp stir fry.

Day three

Breakfast. Vegetable egg-Trắng omelet with a whole-wheat English muffin and one capsule each of Slyên Down, Appetite Support, Collagene, và Colon Optimizer.Snack. A small handful of mixed nuts and seeds.Lunch. One serving of a Complete Meal Replacement shake.Snachồng. Turkey and tomato lớn slices rolled in lettuce leaves.Dinner. One serving of a Complete Meal Replacement shake.Summary

The Yes You Can diet recommends five sầu meals spaced evenly throughout the day. A day plan may include one to lớn two meal replacement shakes và two to lớn three approved meals and snacks.

The Yes You Can diet is a convenient and portable weight loss system that works by reducing your calorie intake with meal replacement beverages and a portion-controlled diet.

This approach lớn dieting may be effective for quick weight loss, though no studies exist for the Yes You Can diet itself.

For a long-term solution that’s beneficial for both weight loss and overall health, consider a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, lean proteins, & healthy fats.