”You keep the lock. I’ll keep the key. Let’s always wear them, & treasure them forever. Someday, when we’re all grown up and are reunited, we’ll use this key lớn take out what’s been locked inside. And then…”


Do you still remember the next line? If you do then you’re probably like me. One of those people who got into lớn anime a decade ago và who discovered during their teenage years, an anime who stood out despite its generic thiết đặt & genre. In 20đôi mươi, it is already an old và somehow forgotten anime, it has been more than 6 years now since its initial release. I recently got back inkhổng lồ some old anime just lớn feel some good old nostalgia and I decided to watch one of my first harem romcom. I didn’t expect anything to lớn begin with other than some self-cringe, but lớn my surprise, I ended up with a series that took me baông xã into the past. Bachồng lớn the time when I was able to lớn enjoy generic stories without pointing out flaws and making up a detailed analysis for every episode.

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The romcom was actually incredibly hilarious and fun khổng lồ watch, và for the first time in a while, I did not abandon the series midway. Nisekoi is probably one of the most well-known romcom harem anime of năm trước & it wouldn’t be surprising if the vast majority of you guys have watched it or read its manga. I watched it baông chồng in my middle school days and it was a period when I was engulfed in romcom series with a touch of harem.

This blog is dedicated to the first 12 episodes of this incredible work. I am not going to make a reviews about this anime as hundreds of people have sầu already done so. Today, I just want lớn talk about Nisekoi.



Why Nisekoi should have been an average show

Nisekoi stands for False Love sầu in Japanese and is an anime adaptation aired in 2014. It tells the story of Ichijou Raku & his high school life. As the young master of the Yakuzas, you cannot say he is your average high school boy. Regardless, he tries to blend inlớn society in the most normal way possible. Everything begins when he gets kicked in the face by a beautiful blonde haired girl jumping across the school wall. Pissed off by the incident he enters class only lớn notice that the same girl is a new transfer student who is coincidentally in the same class as hlặng. What’s worse is that when he returns baông chồng home, he is suddenly informed of how there’s an ongoing conflict between the Yakuzas và some foreign gangsters. His father tells him that in order to lớn quell the situation, he must pretover khổng lồ be the boyfriend of the foreign gang’s young mibức xúc. Unfortunately for Raku, that girl turns out to lớn be the new transfer student who kicked him in the face.


Now I know what you are thinking. This plot seems pretty generic và simple. To be fair và honest with you, it is plain & simple. If there’s one thing that Nisekoi has, it is a simple & basic storyline. Fortunately that does not equal to lớn Nisekoi being an average anime and quite on the contrary of many beliefs, its simple plot allowed the story khổng lồ develop inkhổng lồ something impressive và lovable.

Let me put it this way, reading my summary was pretty boring right? Well how about I add some additional information into lớn this introduction: this anime is made by Shaft.


Ok jokes aside, no person who hadn’t read the manga expected the anime khổng lồ be more than just average. Why is that so? What makes Nisekoi different from all those romcom harem anime? To be absolutely honest with you I’m not sure myself, but here’s my experience from what I felt when watching the anime.



One thing I noticed from Nisekoi after having rewatched the first 15 minutes of episode 1 was that I was laughing hard. I don’t think I was simply laughing because it is supposed lớn be funny, but rather because Nisekoi had a very dumb vibe. Yes, I’m sorry but it is literally dumb. If you think about it, it is actually rather ngắn gọn xúc tích for it khổng lồ be dumb since the premise of the story is kind of unrealistic. However, shaft manages khổng lồ make you completely engulfed inkhổng lồ the atmosphere without even you noticing and the only hints you get are the absurdly hilarious scenes. From a guy getting kicked in the face khổng lồ him breaking apart a cellular tissue in his brain just khổng lồ sprout out the word “gorilla girl”, everything is kind of comedic at the beginning.

Of course you might argue that every kind of romcom anime has these scenes, but shaft does it better than any other studquả táo. They make the scenes look important và suggestive sầu. As many of you Monogatari fans out there probably know, shaft is very creative with the filming and how to lớn control the point of view. It allowed you khổng lồ really feel the emotions of the characters và khổng lồ feel part of this story meant for the characters only. That could only lead to lớn one thing: Youth.


You see Nisekoi is a romcom anime in a high school, therefore it is about teenagers và their stories. If you’re a teenager watching Nisekoi just lượt thích me back in the days, you would feel a form of excitement because of the notion of youth expressed. And if you were an older adult (like me right now) then there’s definitely some feeling of nostalgia like remembering the past. Nisekoi is able khổng lồ bring out the youth in the romcom genre that so many other anime cannot fulfill and that’s one of the most incredible things about this anime. There’s no doubt that it isn’t the only example of its genre, but it is also exactly why it is a good romcom. But if I’m writing a blog about this anime, then surely this isn’t all Nisekoi has khổng lồ offer right?


A good Harem

We always say that a good story needs a nhân vật and a villain. Actually it is always lượt thích that in every story on the outside & it is what basically allows the writer lớn set up his work. Nisekoi is no exception and the key to lớn unlocking this is…. A harem. Ok hear me out first. There is a harem in Nisekoi, 3 main female protagonists và multiple other girls. I’ve never been a big tín đồ of harems and very often, I feel lượt thích a good anime is poisoned by the very idea of setting up a harem. However, here it serves an important purpose. There exists two types of harem: one for material (fanservice, choices, more screenplay…) and another one is for the story progression. Nisekoi is a harem that follows the latter one.


So what is so good about a harem with story progression? Well let me give you an idea of how Nisekoi unfolds. Raku has in his memories a girl whom he promised lớn be together with in the future. At the same time he’s in love sầu with Koseki Onodera. Then there’s Kirisaki Chitoge who arrives & at last Tachibana Marika. At first Ichijou believes Onodera might be the girl he made a promise with 10 years ago, until he finds out that Chitoge also possess a key and might possibly be the actual girl. And when he finds a picture of hyên with Marika, he then starts suspecting it to lớn be her. Meanwhile during all those story revelations, feelings start developing. Raku & Onodera discovers multiple hints regarding their feelings, all while Chitoge starts developing a form of affection towards Raku and the arrival of Marika, who already loved Raku a lot completely destabilizes the entire scene.

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It’s a clusterfuông xã of uncertain feelings between 4 people that will have you pichồng sides and make you question just who the actual girl with the key is. In terms of entertainment, if you liked triangle love sầu stories, then as you can see here, you got a 3 chiều representation of that triangle where the MC is at the middle. Pretty spicy don’t you think.

Apart from that, it really allows the series to lớn create some incredibly deep feelings even if you may not have sầu noticed it. For example what would you vì chưng if you were Raku? Who would you choose? And why so? The same questions could be applied on the girls và especially if we were to lớn be put in the same situation as them. If you were Marika & you realized that the person you’ve loved for during 10 whole years have sầu a girlfriend và feelings for someone else, what would you do? How would you come to lớn accept this reality & how would you face your feelings? There’s a common misconception when it comes to lớn harem anime. Harem is not supposed to promote the idea of having multiple relationships at the same time, it is quite the opposite. Because there can only be one person, there can only be one outcome. Does this sound familiar to lớn you in the real life? Well guess what, this is exactly what real life high school relationships are about. And what comes together with all of these? Drama.

In fact there’s so much drama material in Nisekoi that sometimes you forget it’s a harem. Nisekoi knows how powerful a harem can be & the story exploits this to lớn its maximum. You can clearly feel the uncertain feelings coming from Raku & how he tries to lớn deny every realization. That’s proof that he doesn’t really know his own feelings & that’s also when you start questioning about whether his love sầu for Onodera is as svào as seen on the outside.

There’s also a really interesting aspect of love sầu in Nisekoi that completely legitimizes its title: On a linear representation, there are 3 different feelings between Raku và each girl. The feeling they both have when it’s about the girl 10 years ago. The feeling between Raku & the girls in terms of people in the same school having the same high school experience và the feeling when it comes khổng lồ them as the “young master” or “young mistress”. It’s as if they live sầu 3 different lives while trying lớn understvà their feelings in 3 different ways. But then, what are the feelings that are real & which ones are the false? If Marika was the girl Raku made a promise khổng lồ 10 years ago, would he still love sầu Onodera? If Chitoge did confess her love sầu lớn Raku, then as “technically lovers” would he put that into lớn consideration? Those are questions that we cannot help but ask ourselves and that the characters in the anime tackle in nearly every single episode.


So is it a Masterpiece?

No, it’s not a Monogatari or Seishun Buta Yarou. And if people were to argue about all the flaws in the anime, I wouldn’t deny them. There are many flaws in Nisekoi and the ideas I have been talking about had not always been interpreted in the best way. Nonetheless, Nisekoi is special and has a place no other anime can simply have sầu. Why so? Well there’s all the stuff I’ve sầu talked about but also, the characters.

Nisekoi has some pretty generic characters: Shy and Innocent girl, the Tsundere, the one who cannot help but excessively love sầu the mc, and the “nice” mc. I want to make things clear, Raku is a nice person, but there are very few male protagonists that can actually be lượt thích hlặng. Raku in my opinion is as closest as we can get khổng lồ an actual nice person. We always criticize “nice” mcs for being fake and without personalities.

Raku is not lượt thích that at all, in fact he feels lượt thích a person you would meet in real life. Sure his background is absurd but that’s unrelated to lớn hyên ổn as a person. He’s not the “I need to lớn do everything I can in order to lớn please the girls” guy but he thinks about what’s good for someone. He is an actual nice person who cares more about others than himself and we can see that through his emotions. You could see hlặng as a Kirilớn but better (just kidding). Raku knows you have sầu to lớn work hard in order lớn achieve something and that is especially true when you want lớn obtain the best for everyone. He makes mistakes và can be sometimes rash but despite his flaws, he doesn’t reject them and instead face them in order khổng lồ improve sầu as a person. That is character development.

As for Chitoge, she’s a tsundere sure but she’s once again, human. She doesn’t hit Raku because she’s supposed khổng lồ or because she’s portrayed as a tsundere, she has an actual tsundere personality that you can appreciate. And there’s more lớn her than just being a tsundere, her personality is complex, và you can see that at times she acts differently according khổng lồ her emotions. It is absolutely the same for both Marika and Onodera. Marika is lovable sure, but we all know that’s only something on the surface & that she just wants khổng lồ spkết thúc more time with Raku in order to lớn know hyên better. Onodera is much more complex than being a pure & shy girl. She pays cthua trận attention to lớn her surroundings and asserts her will when it matters. We all know how she feels on the inside và we can clearly see that she’s just a normal introverted girl that gets flustered when being in front of the person she likes.


So what is your point?

Well I um, Chitoge is best girl after all. Ok please don’t kill me. Seriously though, Nisekoi is a decent anime that is worth watching & rewatching. There’s a lot of things you actually get lớn learn from the anime and plenty other things you get reminded of. It definitely has a special place in my heart, và it is one of this anime I can brag about khổng lồ my newbie weebs.

I also wanted to talk about how we can love sầu a show without it having khổng lồ be a masterpiece and just enjoy some dumb comedy while reminding ourselves that this is actually just a depiction of what we expect from youth. I’m not saying that Nisekoi is just my personal special romcom and that it’s actually average. As I mentioned at the very beginning, Nisekoi is far from average và is truly special. It just depends on how you look at things. Nevertheless I wanted lớn say the stuff I had khổng lồ say, some may hotline it trash và others may venerate it as the “ultimate love story” but for me, it’s just an anime that I can truly be zaswze in love with.